21 day waiting period for pet transport

21 Day Waiting Period After Rabies Vaccination

There are many requirements for a pet transport (Dog transportation services)to the UK. The 21 day waiting period is one of those requirements. There is a chance of systemic adverse reactions following live vaccines. You can see these reaction from 2 to 21 days after the vaccination. They will deny a pet transport entry in to the UK. To avoid that you must meet requirements. So what we do is make sure all our paper work is all there as well as all of our information being correct. That will make it an easier for you and your pet to gain access in to the UK.

Successful 21 Day Waiting Period

So to make sure your 21 day waiting period is successful you must first have and ISO compatible microchip already implanted. Then you must get your pup its rabies vaccination. Once the microchip is implanted you can get your pet the rabies vaccine. Then you must not travel to the UK during that 21 day waiting period.

What If I Don’t Want To Wait 21 days

Its hard to want to wait for your furry friend just sometimes its for the best. This all in all can get quite pricey as well. It can already cost quite a bit of money to travel to the UK. Then paying to set up a pet transport (Dog transportation services) for your fur-ever friend on top of it can really clean out the bank. So if you can’t or don’t wait the 21 day waiting period they can quarantine your pup for that 21 days and that is always at its owners expense. So don’t transport your pet to the UK with out that waiting period. It can just cause issues and delays for you.

What If I Didn’t Know About the Waiting Period?

They will not accept the excuse that you didn’t know. When setting up a Dog transportation services you should be aware of all requirements to enter the UK. They will not compromise the safety of their country or people to allow someone to bring a pet into the UK that could possibly be a risk. If your pet is missing a Iso compatible microchip or their rabies vaccine the UK wont always deny your pet access. They mostly deny access if the pet is under 15 weeks with out the rabies primary vaccine. If its older then 15 weeks of age they will offer a re-vaccination as well as the 21 day quarantine. Which is once again all at the owner’s expense.

21 Day Waiting Period After Rabies Vaccination

So you will need to know what the UK requires for a pet transport entry. So what you need is a knowledgeable Dog transportation services company to help you along your way. We would be happy to help you through the confusing pet transport (Dog transportation services) to the UK. We also want you and your pets entry into the UK to be flawless as well as effortless.

When Is The 21 Day Waiting Period Not Necessary?

There is one time you might not have to wait the 21 days. The very first thing you should do is get your pet micro-chipped. Next you can get the primary vaccination for your pet. If you want to travel after that you will have to still wait the 21 days. If there has been some time after that primary vaccination you can get a booster. You must get that booster with in a 12 month period after that primary vaccination. Then your booster shot can be valid for 1, 2, or even three years. You must have documentation of all implants, vaccinations, as well as booster vaccination and no lapses with the vaccinations your pet can then by pass the 21 day waiting period.

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