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4 Myths and the Truth about Traveling with A Large Dog

Some people say larger dogs are more work, and it’s an absolute pain to deal with the logistics of dealing with a pup over 70 pounds. We say, transporting large dogs is no big deal. In this blog, we tackle some myths about transporting large pups. So, if you need a large pup transported, listen up. 

1. Large Dogs Cannot Be Transported by Air

Indeed, large dogs are not approved to travel in the cabin of most airlines. Recently, multiple airlines have banned all emotional support animals. This means that only some larger service animals can travel in the cabin of an aircraft.

However, at ATW, we are happy to say that we now have our own flights for pets, so your pet is allowed to fly like a passenger. As long as your pet is under 26.5 inches and fits in our 400 series crate, you will be good to go for our PetConomy air and ground transport service! 

Pets that fit into Large (24W x 27H x 37L) Inches 

Pets Height is measured as D; see image below

Measuring a Large Dog

What if my Dog is Larger?

If your pet is larger than our standard air travel size, you can always transport your pet by ground transportation! We offer two awesome services.

So, we have to say, this large dog traveling myth is completely false

2. Vehicles are not Large Enough to Transport Big Dogs

Unless you transport your dog with a regular sedan, there will be plenty of space for your pup! 

ATW New Vans

When we transport dogs, our transportation specialists use state of the art vans with plenty of room. The kennels your dogs are transported with are USDA approved, made with tenderfoot lining to make sure your pet stays dry, and we always provide your dog’s food and water.

 Therefore your dog will never be cramped in its space. The crates need to have space for your dog to stand up and move around comfortably. 

3. Large Dogs Cannot Be Transported if they are a Restricted Breed

Yes! Your pup still qualifies for our ground transportation if they have a snub nose. Since further health complications develop if a snub nose pup travels through the air, it’s better to consider ground transportation for your best friend. 

Contact us if you need help considering all the options for your pet! 

4. Large Dogs Cost More to Transport

While this is true, it doesn’t mean you need to break the bank. At Animal Transportation Worldwide, we offer the most affordable pet transportation prices in the industry. For pets 25 to 26.5 inches, prices begin at $395 for our PetConomy Service. 

We dare you to try to find a combination air and ground transport service at such a low price! 

It’s the cheapest airline ticket you can buy for your fur-friend! 

So, don’t fret about pricing for your large friend if you need to move! 

The Truth about Traveling with a Large Dog

Traveling with a large dog should not be any more complicated than traveling with any other size fur friend. At ATW, we make all kinds of animal transportation easier! If you are interested in learning more about transportation for dogs, check out our blog! Stay safe this month traveling with your pets! 

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