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Pets to The UK or China: 7 Things To Consider Before Pet Transport

You’re about to embark on an epic adventure to a distant land—or perhaps you’re just going on vacation or moving. Either way, you don’t want your precious pets to miss out on your Long Distance Pet Transports. But pet transport to the UK or China doesn’t come without risks. So there are several steps you must take to ensure your long distance pet transport is as smooth and safe as possible.

1. Pet Transport To The UK

Unless you’re permanently moving or going abroad for longer than a month, it might be better to hire a pet sitter instead of Long Distance Pet Transport abroad. This process can be lengthy, and there is a chance your pets could be put in quarantine. That could last up to four months. To avoid your pet spending time in quarantine during pet transport to the UK.

However, if you happen to have a change in destination and plan to travel in the states, consider using pet ground services, which can easily transport your pets to any destination within the United States. But if you’re planning on staying abroad for a month or longer, and really want your fluffy to join you, look onward to the rest of this post to learn more about how to transport your pet.

2. Know the Guidelines of Your Destination

Before you go anywhere, you first need to know what forms are required for your pets Long Distance Pet Transport to the UK or China. ATW knows you want them to happily embark with you on your grand adventure. This can vary among countries, but for starters, in the UK you’ll definitely need to make sure your pet is microchipped and that all other requirements are met. China has similar guidelines that could also require an employment visa, depending on what kind of pet transport you choose. Meeting these important guidelines will help your travels be as smooth as possible.

3. Make Your Own Pet Transport Insurance

Just as you would get travel insurance for yourself, it is always wise to set aside some dough for your pets when in transport. Pet quarantine is not free and can cost between $225 and $336 per month (in the UK) depending on your type of pet. As for China, there is a required 30-day quarantine for pets coming from the United States. Even if you follow all of the guidelines perfectly. As well as being certain your pet won’t get quarantined. It is just always wise to be prepared. You never want to be caught off guard.

4. Make Sure Your Pet Is Not a Banned Breed Before Pet Transport

Certain dog breeds are banned in the UK due to their potential to have aggressive tendencies. Owning one of these breeds can be illegal. Before you transport your pet to the UK, double check to make sure it isn’t one of these dog breeds. China also has several banned breeds. Here are lists of banned dog breeds for the UK and Beijing, China. If your pet is not banned and you are going to be a regular traveler, consider investing in a pet passport. It will help make your pet’s travels easier.

5. Prevent Stress During Long Distance Pet Travel

It is always a good idea to check with your vet to make sure your pet can be safely transported in the plane’s cargo, and if so, they can also determine if any calming medication is needed. However, air travel for pets can be dangerous, due to varying temperatures and weather. It is best for you to try to book a non-stop plane flight to help minimize these risks and keep your pet as safe as possible. If your pet has to be in the cargo area, choose a good flight time to accommodate for seasonal temperatures. Here is a list that reviews several airlines to help you determine which one is best for your pets.

6. Gain Advice from Others Who Have Had A Successful Long Distance Pet Travel

Whenever you try something new, it’s always a good idea to get advice from those who have more experience. Do you know a friend who traveled with their pet to the UK or China? Or maybe has used a reputable animal transportation company? If so, ask them about their personal experience traveling with or transporting pets. They will have unique advice to help give you an advantage in understanding the process of a safe pet transport.

7. Consider a Reputable Pet Transport Service When Taking Your Pets To The UK

Even with good advice, traveling with your pet can get a bit complicated, especially if you haven’t done so before. Instead of doing everything yourself, consider hiring an expert for help. You can get the experienced help you need by hiring a Long Distance Pet Transport company. They can take care of a lot of this process for you by booking flights, assisting with pet transport, and ensuring you have all the needed paperwork for both your country of origin and destination. This will make your transport for your pet to the UK or China as smooth and safe as possible for all of your pets.

Final Thoughts on Long Distance Travel When Taking Your Pets To The UK

Before you venture across the seas, ensure the security of your pet’s travels. This way, your cat will be purring loudly once you’ve settled into your new destination. If you need help with this process, we are a pet transport service that can meet all your pet’s needs. Contact us and check out our variety of services, such as Agent Booking, Airport Concierge, Document Agent Services, etc. Or consider our Complete Air Care Package, which includes all the pet care services we offer. Bringing pets to the UK or China? Great! Have fun. Keep these 7 safety precautions in mind, so your pet can join you on all your epic adventures.

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