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7 Tips on Choosing a Pet Transportation Service for New Owners

There are times when you’re traveling with a pet, and you may need to use the services of a pet transportation company. The best companies provide a smooth and coordinated effort for efficient pet collection through to delivery to your destination.

An ideal service should help coordinate aspects of pet transportation like permits, vaccinations, blood tests, and customs clearance. Follow these tips to find the safest and most comfortable pet transportation service.

1. Make a Plan

The earlier you start planning, the better. When you’re traveling with a pet, there’s a lot to be done. Pets can sense that change is on the way and display their anxiety by acting clingy or unsettled.

Stick to your pet’s regular schedule and take your time to pack your belongings. It will also help if a member of your family becomes responsible for taking care of your pet.  Finding your pet a reassuring companion during the process can help him feel more secure.

2. Help with Logistics

Sometimes it’s logistically necessary or more comfortable to use a pet transportation service to ship your pet. For example, if you’re traveling to a foreign country and don’t want to use your car, you may need to transport your pet to the airport.

A pet transportation company can pick up your pet from the door a day before your flight. This can be very helpful, especially if your pet will need a health check at the airport.

Keep in mind that health checks and clearing customs when flying pets internationally can take several hours. In many cases, it’s a lot simpler and even cheaper to use a pet transport company to handle your pet when you hit the road.

3. Reputation

Not every company can handle your pet in the best way possible. So, it would be nice knowing the history of the transportation service you’re about to use.

To know a thing or two about transportation companies, ask family and friends for references and reviews. Search online for any previous cases of malpractices and complaints. If the company has had issues with their past customers, you should consider avoiding them.

However, if you find repeated positive online reviews, it points to possibly a fantastic pet shipping service. You may also want to inquire if the staff associated with pet abuse cases have been placed. This is, mostly, important if transportation service is your last resort.

4. Acclimate to a New Environment

You may feel relieved once you reach your destination, but for your furry friend, it’s a whole different story. There are sounds, smells, and sights to discover.

A move means a lot to different types of pets, especially if it’s a long journey with a long break from the usual routine.  First, unpack your pet’s belongings and place them in an area of the house that will be all theirs.

When you arrive, explore the area. If you have dogs, for example, walk them through the area and let them stop at will to sniff around the neighborhood.

Sometimes your dog may seem sad, uninterested, or somewhat out of sorts. Give him some time.  But, if your pet is too anxious, leave him in the crate when you leave the house.

5. Prices

One of the reasons some people don’t use certain pet transport companies is due to extra costs. Going through a company’s subscription plans or prices and making sure they agree with your finances is a crucial step.

But, don’t make prices the only overriding factor. You may think it’s a splurge, but a professional moving company might be the best option for logistically tricky moves.

 A good transportation company can provide you the right crate and serve you from either side of a flight. They may provide several other services, like personally transporting your pet by a private plane, or booking the best route on a commercial plane. They may as well navigate challenging situations like flight regulations and quarantines.

6. Visiting a Vet

If you plan to take your pet with you to a foreign country, make sure they are in good physical shape. So, consider taking your pet to a trusted vet for a full checkup. A pet transportation service can organize for your pet to see their own vets.

Remember, depending on your mode of travel, you may be required to produce documents relating to your pet’s health.

Sick pets can give you a hard time on the road and be a threat to other animals in transit. Unhealthy animals could even prove too much if they are unfit for moving in the first place.

Share your anticipated travel plan with the doctor and ask how you can help ease the stress during the journey. The vet may recommend anti-anxiety drugs and offer you important tips about making the entire experience stress-free.

The common documents you may need when moving with a pet are a health certificate and proof of rabies vaccination. A health certificate describes your pet, lists all vaccinations, and indicates whether or not your animal friend is fit for travel.

7. Mode of Transportation

You can ship your pet using either ground shipping companies, by air, or both. Numerous ground shipping companies provide door-to-door service. Many others offer “Group Transport,” where your pet travels with other animals.

Some offer “Private Transport,” where only your pet is in the van or truck. These services are typically less expensive than air travel, making them an ideal choice for shorter distances.

Shipping your pet by air is one of the least stressful and safest approaches. Besides, some airlines allow passengers to fly in the cabin to transport up to 3 small pets. If your pet is too big to fly in the cabin, you can pay for your animal friend to fly as cargo.

Get Your Furbaby the Best Pet Transportation Service

Many pet owners love them almost as much as their children. And that’s a good reason to make sure your companions get the best treatment, even when transporting them to places. The above tips for choosing a pet transportation service can make your pet’s journey safe and stress-free.

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