About ATW

ATW in the beginning….

Back in 2011, the founder of ATW, Kyle Gray, was trying to pay for a family trip. Kyle found a shipping website allowing you to bid on jobs requiring you to transport items. They took items like a prosthetic leg, wheelchair, and other miscellaneous items, you name it, Kyle shipped it. Who knew where this little idea would lead.

“Aha” Moment

On return, Kyle transported a dog for a veteran to his new home. This struck a chord for Kyle, as he has been a lover of pets his entire life. Kyle ensured that the pet cared for as if the dog was his own during the trip. The veteran, ecstatic with the service , explained to Kyle that many shipment companies are hard to trust with shipping pets. The veteran went on to explain that he wished that there were more “companies” like Kyle’s. This was a ‘lightbulb moment’ and major opportunity. Soon after, ATW was born.

ATW as we know it…

The company began with shipping pets along the east coast, near to the home base in Northeastern Ohio. With customer and pet care in mind, the business began to grow. As years passed, the region of travel grew from the east coast, to anywhere domestically, and eventually, to anywhere globally. With many Transportation Specialists, to Customer Service members in the office, the mission of ATW has stayed the same. ATW wants to be the leading pet transportation company who strives for excellent customer service, top level care for pets, meeting and exceeding industry standards, and constant innovation and improvements to care and services. This story, a family atmosphere, and love for animals are at the core of everything ATW does. We love uniting and reuniting families with their pets, no matter how far they have to travel.

CEO, Kyle Gray with one of ATW's vans.
CEO, Kyle Gray by one of ATW’s state-of-the-art transport vans.

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