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The Best Crates for Air Pet Travel

When you’re having your pet transported through air, there are many different regulations that must be followed in order to ensure the best quality travel for your pets. Following these regulations can also provide the most stress-free experience for yourself during the process! One important aspect of your pet’s transport is making sure that you have the correct kennel for transport.

Guidelines for the Exterior of the Kennels

  • Should be made from plastic, metal, or wood and should be assembles with a metal grated door.
  • They must be assembled and secured with metal nuts and bolts
  • Allow for ventilation on at least 3 sides for domestic transports and 4 sides for international
  • Must be leak and escape proof for your pets safety.
  • Kennels should NOT have wheels
  • Pet kennels should NOT have top opening or plastic doors
  • Kennels should NOT have plastic snap closings
  • Collapsible kennels are PROHIBITED

Air Pet Travel Guidelines for the Interior of the Kennel

  • Your pet should have enough room to sit, stand, and lay down comfortably in the kennel as they normally would. Your pet should also be able to stand/sit with no part of their head (or ears) touching the top of the kennel.
  • Food and water dishes must be attached to the inside of the kennel on the door.
  • Absorbent material must go at the bottom of the crate (NO straw, hay, or sawdust).
  • Pets need to have enough food and supplies for 24 hours.

Each Airline may have specific crate requirements

American Airlines

Delta Airlines

Any kennel over the 300 series size are prohibited on Delta Airlines.

United Airlines

How ATW can Help

Animal Transportation Worldwide is a leader in Pet Transportation. We are here to help you safely and efficiently transport your pet both domestically and internationally. We offer both ground and air transport all around the world for your pets! When it comes to booking your pets international transport, regulations and guidelines must be met. From booking flightsdoor to door transport, and even helping with paperwork, our team can help make your pets transport process move smoothly.

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