International services can be done in three ways. International Air Cargo, International Air Check or Carry On Baggage, or International Ground.   

From the USA we can transport animals in multiply ways. The most common when going international is Air Cargo. Air Cargo allows animals to fly without a passenger attached to their ticket. To do this requires a registered IPATA member, witch we are a member. 

Another way to get animals to other counties is to add them to your check or carry on baggage. This is not allowed by some airlines and ever counties during international flights and importation. 

Finally, Animals can be driven into foreign countries with the correct license for import. ATW is License to transport animals into Canada and Mexico. We currently only service these three (USA & Canada and Mexico) countries for ground transportation. 


Domestic services can be done in three ways. Domestic Air Cargo, Domestic Carry, or Domestic Ground.   

From the United States we can transport you animal to all 50 state and PR with ease. ATW is up to date with all airline restrictions. Understanding these requirements can save time, money and stress.  

Another way is to carry on your pet. This is only for small pets normally under 12lbs and not taller the 10inches. 

The final way is to use our world class ground shipping. We offer three great services. PetConomy. PetExpress, and PetFirst Class click the links to learn more.  

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