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Animal Shipping For All Your Pets

Sometimes you might have troubles when trying to transport your pets. Some animal shipping companies do not accept all breeds of cats and dogs. So getting the right company to help you transport your pets can prove to be quite a challenge. If its getting the pets flight booked when shipping a pet internationally or even just a domestic transport for pets. Some pets might need a little extra attention so we are here to help.

International Pet transport Requirements And Pet Flight Booking

We know international pet transport can be hectic as well as can also seem to need a lot of paperwork and different requirements that your pet must meet. All international animal shipments will require your pet to have all their shots up to date as well as documentation proving it. Some countries seem to be strict with different requirements.

Pet Flight or ground pet travel
This kitty is ready for their pet travel.

The UK has particular requirements when it comes to the rabies vaccination. If there is a time period where your vaccine booster was not given on time they could require a quarantine process. That quarantine could last up to 21 days. There are other ways to fix that without the quarantine process before your pet transport. You could re vaccinate in the United States. That will only make the waiting period for your animal shipping to be only two weeks. That could also save you a bit of money. The cost of the quarantine process is left on the pet owners to pay.

ATW Help

So I will say it seems to be beneficial to have a company to help you. It will prevent any snags in your plan to travel and transport your pet internationally. They can help get your pet flight booked as well as making sure all the information needed is in order. Our team will make sure its all ready prior to the animal shipping. With every country being different it can help to have a professional available. They will know what you need or can get all the information needed.

Pet transport By Ground Pet Interaction

We also can help transport those pets that can not fly. We can also help the pets that might need a little extra attention during transport. Our pet transport specialist can give that extra attention when we ship animals by ground. We can get them out more often. Also usually when animals fly they don’t get the extra time out of the animal shipment crate. So some people would prefer the pets get that human interaction. As well as they want them to get more time out of the pet travel crate.

Ground Transport Requirements

We have more options to stop and interact with the pets when we transport by ground. The requirements are a lot less as well. That can help make the animal shipping a little easier. They only require a health certificate for a pet transport by ground. It just has to state that the pet is healthy enough to travel. So this being so easy makes it one less thing you have to stress about when traveling or relocating.

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