User Fees For APHIS

What Are APHIS Endorsement Fees For?

APHIS user fees are charged for the APHIS endorsement. You need this endorsement on all international pet transport health certificate. It is just to say that the animal is disease free and pest free before another country will authorize the pet entry into their country. So this will tell the people when you transport your pet that it is healthy and all the requirements for your pet transport have been met. We know not having these requirements met can slow down the process. We want to make sure there are no issues when transporting your pet.


This information specifically related to fees for APHIS endorsement of a certificate or document associated with international pet transport. Whenever its being transported from the United States to a foreign country you will require different things. Fees are based on the number of tests required by the destination country. It is also based on the number of animals on the certificate. If they are requiring no test then its a flat fee. But user fees for 1 or more test for 1 or more animals it can range from $121.00 and up. These fees are separate from the fees your veterinarian may charge. They may charge fees to issue the certificate or document that APHIS needs to endorse.

User Fees For Service Animals

APHIS does not charge endorsement User Fees for service animals (dogs) belonging to individuals with disabilities (Pet Transport). Only as long as its defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). APHIS does understand that these service animals make a better quality of life for these individuals. As well as they know they would not be able to do things with out that animal. As well as the service animals do things that those people can not do. So this International pet transport is a must when people with service animals are traveling.

User Fees For Emotional Support Animals

Also APHIS recognizes the importance of all animals in their owners’ lives. They do charge User Fees to endorse health certificates for emotional support animal due to not officially covered by the ADA. These animals are most definitely beneficial. They can make life easier and less stressful for a lot of people. These animals are comforting to their people and keep them calm. Its not officially covered by the ADA currently.

Pets waiting for APHIS user fees for international pet transportation

Resources For international pet transport.

We do understand that any travel preparations can be a bit overwhelming. However clients are strongly encouraged to work with their local APHIS Veterinary Services Endorsement Office. With any questions about your pet’s travel or the User Fees associated with APHIS endorsement They can help you. They will have the knowledge to assist you with all you will need to transport your pet internationally. You can also reach out to your flight specialist who can point you in the right direction. They can just generally help you through your pet transport process.

Forms Of Payment User Fees

Form of Payment Accepted (may vary by office)

  • Check or Money Order- payable to the USDA
  • Credit or Debit Cards
  • **Cash- cash is generally not accepted– please contact your local APHIS Veterinary Services office and ask if they accept cash.

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