APHIS Seal, & USDA Certified Vet Requirements For A Pet Transport

A USDA Certified Vet

When you are having your pet transported Internationally (Pet Ground Transportation Cross Country) you will need to see a special veterinarian to issue your health certificate. Now the vet that issues the health certificate must be USDA certified. Not all vets are USDA certified. The USDA National Veterinary Accreditation Program (NVAP) is voluntary for vets. Any vet that is USDA accredited has to go through specific training in the state they have their licence in. It provides them extra information to keep the nations animals healthy and the people safe.

APHIS – Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

APHIS is here to protect and promote U.S. agricultural health. They are also on the job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week working to defend America’s animal and plant resources from agricultural pests and diseases.So that APHIS seal (Pet Ground Transportation Cross Country) lets them know the pet is pest and disease free and ready for transport. That seal might seem like its just another step but its just for everyone’s safety and protection from anything that can hurt our countries.

pets seeing USDA certified vet and APHIS seal

Pet Transport Without A USDA Certified Vet And The APHIS Seal

Now any vet can issue a health certificate. If it requires that APHIS seal it will have to come from a special vet. There could be a chance your family vet will not be able to issue every health certificate. You might need a different vet for your pet transport health certificate. That does just depend on what kind of pet transport you might be needing. So if your getting a pet transport using ground domestic pet transport or domestic air pet transport (Pet Ground Transportation Cross Country) you can get your pets health certificate from any licensed vet. So this means your family vet can issue you these health certificate. These also dont require the APHIS seal or the USDA certified vet. The only requirement is that the health certificate has to be issued with in ten days prior to the pet transport.

Pet awaiting USDA vet visit and APHIS seal for international or domestic pet transport

International Pet Transport With Owner Traveling

So if you are transporting your pet internationally there are a few things that are different. It can be an easy process when you travel within 5 days of the international pet transport. It’s  usually easier to get a pet transport Internationally(Pet Ground Transportation Cross Country) if the owner or designated person is traveling as well.  You get 10 days to get your pets health certificate from the USDA certified vet. As well as getting 10 days to get the required APHIS seal. It just has to be within 10 days prior to the pet transport. So you know you have enough time.

International Pet Transport Without Owner Traveling

There are many times that the owner will not be able to travel with the pet. Even traveling within the 5 days of the pet doesn’t always work. That is not a problem though the requirements for this is just a little different. So if you need to transport your pet with out you traveling with them you will be required to get the health certificate 48 hours before your pet transport (Pet Ground Transportation Cross Country). That means you must see a USDA certified vet and get your APHIS seal.That can feel like a lot to get done at one time. Also keep in mind ATW is here to help in any way we can. 

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