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ATW, An Accredited IPATA Member

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What is IPATA?

IPATA stands for International Pet and Animal Transportation Association. IPATA is a group of pet shippers who follow specific guidelines for pet transportation, both ground and air. Members provide the safest and most reliable services for your pets transport. Using a professional pet shipping company gives you and your pet the best experience during travel.. Therefore, each transport company puts their knowledge and expertise into each shipment. Some of the requirements for becoming an IPATA member are;

  • Business License
  • Pet Shipping License
  • Insurance (Both Auto and Liability)
  • Professional Experience
  • Follow IPATA Code of Ethics
  • Abide by the IPATA
pet transport

ATW is IPATA Certified

Animal Transportation Worldwide is one of the largest pet transport services in North America. We offer three different ground transport options for our customers. Each service is equipped with top of the line care and expertise for your pet during their travels. Not only do we carry high expectations for our Transportation Specialists, we follow rules and regulations provided by IPATA. Therefore, we follow Live Animal Regulations (LAR) and also IATA requirements regarding documentation, crating, handle, and care for each animal during transportation. Resulting in ATW offering some of the best pet transportation worldwide.

Being a part of IPATA allows for our company to have network connections worldwide. As a result, this allows us to provide the most knowledgeable and resourceful information when transporting your pet both domestically and internationally. Aiding in customs, flight requirements, scheduling, importation/exportation requirements, and ground transport are just a few of the services that pet transports with IPATA can help with. 

Above all the services that Animal Transportation Worldwide offers, keeping your pet safe and comfortable during transport is our main goal! Helping you and your pet during relocation can be stressful, but we have taken ever action to make sure that our company makes the process as stress free as possible.

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