Calming techniques during pet transport

Calming Techniques During Pet Transport

Dog’s, Cat’s, And Bird’s Comfort During Pet Transport

The comfort of a pet is one of our highest priority. We know that a cool and calm pet makes for an easier and safer pet travel. Not just for the pet transport specialists but for the pets as well as the pet’s owner. So here are some of our calming techniques for the pets during transport. We do understand that all pets will be different. As well as being different they will need different things and react in different ways. So If you have a stress prone pet these are some things that will help in transport as well as even at home.

Dog’s Stress Free Travel

Preparations Made By The Dog’s Humans At Home For A Stress Free Pet Transport

So there are many things that the pet’s owner can do at home to get you dog ready for his pet transport. You might want to do a few of these things if their humans are worried their dog might encounter some anxiety. Some dogs are just prone to anxiety especially if they are older dogs. The pet’s owner can also look into some essential oils like lavender that can relieve some stress. We also recommend the pet’s owner exercises the pet before transport. It can help them get through one of the most stressful days of transport. That is day one for most pets.

The pet’s owner can also introduce the dog to their pet transport crate. Leave it available so they can explore it at a time of their choosing. You can also add in an item that they can find comfort with. Maybe something that smells like home or their owners Can provide comfort to the pet.

The pet’s owner should also try to get them use to pet travel in a vehicle. Try to travel to places that the pet enjoys like the park or even the pet store. So they can associate the ride with positive feelings of going to the park or the store and not just to the vet or if their owners travels a lot maybe a boarding facility. We do not want them to feel scared or anxious about being in a vehicle. So the more good experiences they have the easier the pet ground transport will be on your dog and your pet transport specialists.

Calming Techniques During Pet Transport That Specialist Can Use To Create A Stress Free Pet Travel For The Dog

There are many thing our pet transport specialists can do as well to help ease the anxiety of the pets. We start with a strong but calm introductions. ATW want to give the pet a chance to get to know us in their environment before the pet travel. We think it is easier for them to be comfortable with meeting us if they are in their safe space.

Also try to keep their eating schedule as close as we can to what they are use to at home. As well as we do not like to change their food during pet travel. That can cause tummy issues and that can in the end cause stress for the pet. We will also offer them some close comfortable cuddles. Sometimes your dog might just need a hug to help them feel safe and less stressed during the pet transport. We will also pull the pet out of the van to give it some fresh air to help ease that stress they are feeling.

Our pet transport specialists will give your pet some extra time out of the van. This does add to the Pet transport time. So some owners might be discouraged by the fact this is just a long time they spend away from their fur-babies. We also understand that is what is best for the pets is mail priority for us and their owners. Our transport specialist know that if we stay calm then it will be easier for the pets on board to stay calm. So we speak quietly and calmly when we are reassuring the pets everything will be fine.

Cat Calming Techniques

Cats pet transport

Now cats are a little like dogs but they have big personalities and most of the time a whole lot of attitude. Unlike dogs they are not use to any kind of vehicle pet transport unless they are going to the vet. That makes things slightly challenging for our pet transport specialists. We can handle a challenge though don’t you humans worry.

Preparations Made By The Cat’s Humans At Home For Stress Free Pet Travel

One of the main things that can help a cat get ready for their pet transport is getting them acquainted with their pet transport crates. They will also be requiring a comfort item as well. Something that smells like their home as well as their owners. Most of the time cats that are use to their transport crates as well as have a comfort item seem to be calmer during the pet transport. Most cats are free spirits and they can’t handle being in a transport crate. So leaving their crate available lets them get use to it on their own terms because cats do not enjoyed being told what to do.

Techniques The Pet Transport Specialist Can Use To Create Stress Free Pet Travel

There are also things that our pet transport specialists can do to help your cat during pet transport. We always try to give cats lots of attention. That is one of the many calming techniques during Pet transport. Most cats are use to their owners being available to love on them and be a lounging area for them whenever they decide they need them. But in transport it can be hard to provide that attention but we make it a point to. Even if its just talking to them while they drive. Or when they stop they will take some time go back and pet and cuddle the cats during pet travel.

Our specialists Will go above and beyond to make sure your cat feels loved and safe when in our care. I know it can be a little harder on cats because most don’t venture out of the home. We try to make things as regular as possible for them. We stick to the recommended eating schedule that the pet’s owner provide In hopes it will assist with keeping them calm and stress free.

Bird Calming Techniques For Pet Travel

Bird pet travel

Birds can be very sensitive compared to your every day dog or cat. Every little thing can have the potential to stress out a pet bird. So there are some calming techniques to be used during the pet transport. They are creatures of habit. The birds or even their owners can change a routine and can stress them out. Bird’s owner might think that if they change they way they do things it should not affect the pet. Sadly it does though. Any change to the birds everyday life can stress them as well. It can be something as big as a move to a new family and/or location. Or something as small as a change in paint in the room or a loud sound like construction within hearing distance

Preparations Made By The Bird’s Humans At Home For A Stress Free Travel

The pet’s owner can provide detailed information to keep the birds schedule as close to home as possible. We want to feed them the same kind of food around the same time of day. As well as sleeping schedule for their feather covered friends. The better prepared we are the smoother the pet transport will be.

Techniques The Pet Transport Specialist Can Use To Create A Stress Free Travel

We know calming techniques during pet travel for a bird can prove to be quite difficult. As well as trying to sooth a bird and not being able to completely remove everything that can cause that bird stress. We know that if the pet transport is putting stress on them we can not remove what is causing the stress. So what we do is we try to keep the bird’s mind occupied with television from an electronic device or even the music from the radio. We also try to speak as quiet and as calmly as possible. That in its self can do wonders for your bird.

We also try to not spook them with any fast or loud movements. We also try to not have birds in transit very long. If needed they can even get a second driver so its a short pet transport for them. Stress on a bird can cause many health issues and that is the last thing our transport specialists wants or the pet or the pet’s owner.

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