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Pet Ground Transport Service And Things You Need To Know

As a pet owner, whenever you move from to city-to-city you should be sure of a couple things. You should ensure you arrange the best pet ground transport service for your pet. In 2018 alone, Americans spent over $70 billion on pets. With that amount inclusive of more than $6 billion used on services such as boarding and grooming.

Air travel is a safe means of transporting your pet and is a convenient option, but at times, your pet will feel much better if transported by ground transportation. Pet ground transport services are ideal for you, especially if you are traveling over a short distance.

Pet ground transportation is becoming popular among many pet parents, but they do not just wake up and put the pets in a van and leave. There are requirements and considerations, which apply to all pets, regardless of your reasons for requesting transportation.

Here is a guide with the requirements and considerations for pet ground transport services.

1. Get in Touch with the Authorities

Whenever you are traveling to another state, you need to find out about quarantine plus any other restrictions. Before you make travel arrangements, you need to call the consulate and ask important questions. Do not wait until the last minute to make the inquiries because you might find that the state requires vaccinations up to months before departure.

Ask about any pet restrictions for importing pets into the state, and if your pet will need to be quarantined. You should also ask about age restrictions and the vaccinations your pet needs.

Countries, states, and territories often have restrictions for the protection of people, the ecosystem, and animals. Most probably, during your inquiry, you will discover that the authorities will need a CVI (Certificate of veterinary inspection) when you arrive at the destination. Therefore, before you start making pet ground transportation arrangements, get such crucial information from the relevant authorities.

Before you engage the services of a pet ground-transport service provider, you need to complete all the travel prerequisites within the stipulated time. Make sure you remain very keen on timing so that you keep all the appointments required, which will ensure your pet’s quality for travel.

2. Visit the Vet

All animals need to be healthy whenever they are traveling. As a pet parent, you know that visiting the vet is the only way to check if your pet is healthy enough. Apart from having the vet carry out the normal check-ups, ensure that any additional health requirements, like vaccinations, identification, and certifications, are taken care of.

When you call the consulate, you will be given information, some of which you will need to share with your vet. Some of the information might be forms that need the vet’s signature. Do not keep such information to yourself, as it will help in CVI procedure or for record keeping reasons.

Please do not approach the vet and ask for illegal favors. For instance, do not ask the vet to complete a CVI before the timeframe required for examination elapses. In short, do not ask your vet to forge documents for you just so you can travel faster.

The vet is not supposed to carry out such unethical practices because the veterinary profession is governed by principles. Going against the principles comes with its fair share of consequences.

3. Plan the Road Trip

After you have talked to the consulate and had your pet checked out the by the vet, you now need to plan the road trip with the pet ground transport service provider of your choice. You will select a service provider according to your needs and those of your pet. The transport service provider will also tell you the requirements they will need from you which may include, health certification, ID, pet food among others.

When planning the road trip, you will have to ask about pet ground travel costs. You want your pets to travel comfortably, and stress-free, without you having to break the bank. That is why you should get travel packages designed specifically to cater for all needs, regardless of your budget.

You can choose between one that caters for the pet parents working with a tight budget, those who have a little more to spare, and those who want to go all out and spoil their pets. All you have to do when planning the trip is to look for what suits your needs, and at the same time remains gentle to your pocket.

4. Pack for Your Pet Ground Transport

So you have researched, taken the pet to the vet and gotten a pet ground travel service provider. What next? You need to prepare your pet now.

Ignore people that claim you do not need to prepare your pet for travel. That is one of the myths about pet travel. So to be on the safe side, make sure you take a picture of your pet and make copies.

The best thing to do is to attach one of the photos to your pet’s carrier. Then keep a copy when you travel. Just if your not going to be the one to pick up the pet. It can make it easier for others to identify your pet. Make sure that the person doing the pick-up has a copy of the picture as well. Attach a collar to your pet if you need to reassure your pet that everything is going to be fine.

Your pet will definitely feel be much better for it.

Pet Ground Transport in Style and Stress-Free

If you are moving or headed to your favorite holiday destination, do not leave your pet behind when pet ground transport companies have your back. Contact the relevant authorities on time to avoid last minute rush, prepare necessary documents and see the vet on time so that all necessary tests can be carried out without fail.

Contact a pet ground transporter like ATW and arrange the road trip. You and your pet are now ready to go.

Arrange a move with ATW today and receive valuable services for your money.

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