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If you are wanting to add a new furry friend to your family and have them delivered to your door The first step is to find a breeder with high quality standards for their pups. So after you get a pup you will need a family pet ground transport company to bring your family member home.

As well as some dogs are known for getting along with other animals and loving the open road. There will be other animals that are a little more nervous and meant for just one person and a private ride. Some breeds require lots of attention and get separation anxiety so Your family pet transport choice will be vital. Others do well on their own and have a more independent nature and they just like to go with the flow. Also something to think about purchasing a pup with a longer health guarantee is always the safest option to ensure your furry friend will be with you for years and years. Below is a list of breeds that ATW has chosen as the best fitting breeds for families and that are great to transport.

These Are A Few Animals That Are Our Favorite Family Pets To Ground Transport

Goldendoodles & Pet Transports

Goldendoodles make excellent pets for many reasons. As well as they are hypo-allergenic fur makes them easy to maintain. So that means you never have to worry about sweeping up dog hair. They are the most fun loving dogs to Pet ground transport. The poodle in them makes them wise and sophisticated, while the golden retriever makes them spunky and playful. Also the goldendoodles are full of energy and amazing with children. Who could ask or a better Family pet.

two French bull dogs being walked on leashes

French Bull Dogs (Frenchies) & Pet Transport

These French Bull dogs come in an array of colors from white to brindle. They originated in France and have been domestic house pets since the 1800s. Also average weight for a full grown French Bull dogs is 15-25 lbs. French Bull dogs are patient and compassionate towards their owners. They also have fantastic personalities. They need to be socialized though and having your pet ground transported they will meet our drivers. As well as get to see all the other pets on board.

Pembroke welsh corgi in lights

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi, also known as the “dwarf dog” originated in Wales, UK. These tiny pups are cattle dogs. Just don’t under estimate these dogs because of their size. They are actually know to be great guard dogs. They also are very friendly so our family pet ground transport is one of the best options. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is considered to be one of the smartest breeds. They are also know for they loyalty they have to their families.

xl American bully merle with green eyes waiting for her family pet ground transport

American Bullies & Pet Transport

American bullies, formally known as “nanny dogs” in 1980. They make excellent dogs for people with children. As well as being very sweet and very gentle. So very easy to befriend and easy to ground transport. Their weight can range from 66-120 lbs full grown (depending on the blood line they comes from). The American bully is usually mistaken for an “aggressive” dog breed. They are actually known for having better in-home temperament than most other in door pets. They also can be found in 4 sizes: Standard, Pocket, XL, and classic.

white shiba inu laying in grass waiting for her family pet ground transport

Shiba Inu

So the Shiba Inu originated in Japan and translates to “brushwood dog” in English. In 1954 a military family brought them to the United States. Shibas are red, sesame, black, tan, or white. These gorgeous pups are independent and are loving and affectionate to the people they trust. So if you plan to transport your animals we build our relations ships with pups built on trust. Our family pet ground transport is perfect for your family. Shibas are know for their cleanliness and low maintenance for grooming needs.

family pet ground transport

The German Shepard & Pet Transport

German Shepard’s were originally bred to herd sheep and have since adapted to be useful for many “jobs”. Also since 1899, the breed has adapted to playing a major role in society. This breed very useful in the military. They even assist with people who have disabilities. As well as assisted with search and rescue missions. Also their level of intelligence and obedience makes them ideal for any family. Their obedience makes them a great family pet to transport.

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