PetConomy (New)

At Animal Transportation Worldwide, we are working to expand our services to offer charter flights for pets. Using airplanes will ensure faster transportation times. However, our rigorous standards to keep pets safe will be implemented throughout the entire process.

We will offer four different services depending on the customer’s needs and the size of their pet. Services include the use of both ground and air transportation and will vary from $245 to $545. To find the cost of your pet’s transport, use measurement D from the chart below to fit them in the correct category.

How Flying Your Pet Works

ATW’s new pet airline allows for the delivery of pets on the same day. Our combination of flight and ground transport services will work in tandem to provide the fastest transport. Choose any of our multiple departure options. Our departure options consist of picking up a pet from a customer’s door or picking up a pet from the airport. After a flight, if required, pets can be picked up from the airport or delivered to the customer’s door. We currently fly from 4 regional airports. We are looking to expand to 6 more regional airports by the end of 2021 to allow for same-day delivery to all of the continental 48.  

Our Services

All of ATW’s transport services are conducted from one of our 6 Regional Airports/Pet Care Centers

Airport to Airport

Customers are responsible for delivering their pets to the departure airport. ATW is responsible for flying the pet from the departure airport to the arrival airport. It can be to and from any airport that we service. Customers are responsible for pick up at the arrival airport.

Airport to Door

The customer will deliver their pet to the departure airport and then ATW is responsible for flying the pet from departure airport to arrival airport and transporting them to the customer’s chosen location from the arrival airport.

Door to Airport

We will pick up a pet from a chosen location, take them to the departure airport and fly them to the arrival airport. The customer will be responsible for retrieving the pet from the arrival airport.

Door to Door 

Animal Transportation Worldwide will take care of all the transportation for the pet. The pet will be picked up from a chosen location, taken to a departure airport, flown to the arrival airport, and a ground transportation specialist will transport them to the customer’s chosen location.

Note: All of our services are airport to airport except when a flight is not required.

Example: Indianapolis, Indiana to New York, New York will be driven door to door.


Prices by Service and Size of Pet

Options in Green are Guaranteed Same-Day Delivery*

Pets under 19.9 inches and under

$395 Airport to Airport

$495 Airport to Door

$495 Door to Airport

$595 Door to Door

Pets 20 to 24.9 Inches

$445 Airport to Airport

$545 Airport to Door

$545 Door to Airport

$645 Door to Door

Pets 25 to 26.5 Inches

$495 Airport to Airport

$595 Airport to Door

$595 Door to Airport

$695 Door to Door

*Same-Day Delivery is only guaranteed for pets being transported within the same-day delivery region. Consult the same-day region map for more information.

Pet Crate Information

Pets In Same Crate

We allow pets in the same crate; however, we will charge an additional $50.

Max Crate Size For All Pets

400 series crate

36 L x 25 W x 27 H

You can measure your pet’s height by using measurement D in the image below.

Guide to measuring the height of your dog prior to air travel.
Measuring your pet this way will allow us to give an accurate estimate.

Larger Pets

Pets that are 500 Series or 26.5 inches or larger will not be able to use air transport. This does not mean they cannot travel with us as they may be able to be transported with our ground transportation services. Contact us for more information. 

Crate Requirements

We supply the appropriate crate for your pet but the crates belong to us. Prior to travel, pets will be measured and appointed a crate.

Customer Note: A customer is not allowed to keep a crate provided by ATW.

If you would like to supply your own crate, you may do so if they follow the IATA guidelines.

Coming February 2021 – Our Custom Built Crates

The custom crates used to fly your pets in are one of a kind. Each crate follows USDA and IATA guidelines. Giving your pet plenty of room and air ventilation but keeping them safe. Every crate is created with tender foot flooring that allows for spills and waste to fall below and keeping the pet clean, dry, and safe. The new way to fly your pet is First Class!

Regions and Airports

Here are the locations of our various airports and Pet Care Centers across the continental United States.

map of airport hubs and pet care centers
Locations of ATW Airports and Pet Care Centers

Our Current Pet Care Centers

Lehigh Valley International Airport (ABE) – 3311 Airport Rd, Allentown, PA 18109

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) – 122 New Price Pike, Erlanger, KY 41018 

Springfield-Branson National Airport (SGF) -6238 W Farm Road 156,Battlefield, MO 65619

Salt Lake City, UT (SLC) – 485 N 2360 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84116

Burbank, CA (BUR) – 4700 Empire Ave, Burbank, CA 91505

Portland, OR (PDX) – 5961 NE Airway Cir, Portland, OR 97218

Same-Day Regions Map

All of the following regions will fall under same-day delivery. However, a pet must leave a same-day region and be delivered to another same-day region. As long as the airport to airport or door to door service has been chosen by a customer, a pet can be delivered the same day.

map of same-day delivery territories
Areas within the blue zones can reunite with their pups today!

The Southwest, Central, Northeast, and Northwest Regions are all within the same-day delivery zone.


A pet will only be delivered the same day if the pet is brought to the airport on the departure day. If we are picking up the pet for travel, it may take approximately 2 to 3 days.

Next-Day Delivery Map

Regions outside of the same-day delivery region will be delivered the following day.

map of next-day delivery territories
The areas within the Green Zones will be subject to next-day delivery.

Regions within the next-day shipping range include the rest of the continental United States. Those areas include the West, Central, and East regions.

No Flight Needed

If no flight is needed, pricing starts at $395 if a pet is brought to the Pet Care Center the day of departure. If you would like a Door to Door service and no flight is needed, your cost would be $595 according to the pet’s height.

For example: If a pet will be leaving CVG Airport and will be going to the northeast region, without needing a flight, the price will be $395. If the pet is taken to the Pet Care Center at the arrival time, then it’s $245.

Requirements to Fly Your Pet


When booking a transport services a 25% non-refundable payment is required. Final payment is due at

or before departure.

Pet Microchip Required

All pets traveling on ATW airlines must have a microchip. In the case they are not chipped, ATW will chip them on the spot for a $5 Charge.  

Health Certification

We require a health certification within 10 days of travel by a Licensed Veterinarian. (By March 1st, ATW will have a Licensed Veterinarian at each Airport/Pet Center to complete Health Inspection before travel)

Arrival Time

Please arrive at check-in 2 hours before a flight departure.

Companion Connection

Pets over 24 weeks require extra care like dog walks and friendly human interaction. This is an additional fee of $100.

Breed Restrictions

Pets Under 24 weeks:        

No restrictions

Pets Over 24 weeks:



All Snub-Nosed Breeds of pets over 24 weeks are required to have 3 inches of head-room.  

(We restrict these breeds because of their snub nose. Since it is harder for them to breathe, there is a higher possibility for serious medical complications during a flight.)

Travel Items for a Pet

All travel items must fit in a Pisces Pocket Tote.

Size: 17″ x 15″ x 3″

To send more items, an additional fee will be charged.


The top of a pet’s head cannot touch the top of the kennel. If a bed is too large, a pet will not be able to travel with it. If a pet’s bed is soiled,  It will be taken out and replaced with a puppy pad.

Additional Add-ons


PetProtection is available for purchase for added coverage of your pet. However, keep in mind that this protection only covers physical injuries.

For PetProtection:

$20 of coverage will cover $1,000 per pet

$80 of coverage will cover $5,000 per pet

GPS Tracking $15

GPS Tracking for flights is coming soon.

Currently, we provide GPS tracking for ground transportation. Therefore, customers will be able to see when their pet lands on the ground after a flight.

Kennel Size Upgrade $100

If a pet requires a larger kennel, an additional charge will be incurred. However, our standard kennels still adhere to the required kennel sizes set by the USDA and IATA.


Attention: These prices will only be available until February 28th, 2021.

Flight is Delayed or Canceled

In the event a flight is delayed, pets will be attended to with food, water, and walks until the flight is ready to depart.

However, in the event a flight is canceled, all parties must return to the airport to retrieve a pet for a flight that will be delayed until the next day.