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Get My Dog to the North Pole (Alaska, Greenland)

Are you thinking of transporting your dog up North to meet with Santa? While it may not be a possibility to take your dog to the North Pole, you can take your dog to Alaska or Greenland. If you are planning on heading to the North for work-related reasons, your pup can travel along with you on the move. Read our article to find out how to get your dog as close to the North Pole as possible.  It may not be Santa’s Workshop, but you’ll be close enough. 

North Pole, Alaska

While the North Pole in Alaska is not the actual “North Pole,” it is a city in Alaska that bears the same name. According to the Department of Environmental Conservation, there are two different requirements for cats/dogs based on if they are in a rabies quarantine area.

Dog that will Travel to Alaska

Requirements for Alaska

If the cat/dog is in a rabies quarantine safe area, they will require a health certificate, an importation permit, and other additional testing or certification requirements. 

If the cat/dog is not from a rabies quarantine safe area, they will need a health certificate and other additional testing and certification. 

The Certificate of Veterinary Inspection needs to come from a reputable Veterinarian. Air transport or ground transport is used to travel to Alaska. Most ground transport goes through Canada, so it’s important to consider how your pet will reach the Last Frontier. If you will be traveling through Canada, you will need to keep in mind the requirements for traveling in the country with a pet.

We know that all the requirements can be confusing, and it is why we offer a Document Agent Service to help you with all the required airline documents for your pet’s travel.

So, learn about the requirements before taking your pet to Alaska, and we’ll see you at the North Pole. 


Greenland may be 1,244.07 miles away from the North Pole, but it is probably closer than wherever you are located. To travel to Greenland, since it is under the Realm of Denmark, you must look at the requirements for Denmark. To travel to any part of Denmark, a dog or cat will need:

An EU Passport

A Veterinarian that is in the European Union or a veterinarian that has extensive information on the pet must be consulted to receive an EU Passport. 

A Microchip

Travel to Greenland requires dogs and cats to have an ISO complacent microchip. If your pet’s microchip number is 15 digits long, it will probably be ISO complacent. However, consult with your veterinarian or use our Vet Care Services to make sure you pertain all the correct documentation. 

Rabies Vaccination

Your pet needs a rabies vaccination administered at the same time or after they receive an ISO complacent microchip. If your pet receives the vaccination before this, it will not count. Rabies vaccinations that last one, two, or three years are acceptable as long as it is a current rabies vaccination. The Rabies Vaccination also requires a pet to wait 21 days after vaccination to travel.  

USDA Accredited Veterinarian Health Certificate

There are two Health Certifications for traveling to Denmark. One is a non-commercial health certificate and the other is a commercial health certificate. 

Commercial Health Certificate 

This certification is used with:

  • either six or more pets
  • pets traveling more than five days
  • pets changing ownership from one person to another

Non-Commercial Health Certificate 

This certification is for:

  • five or fewer pets who travel within five days with a “designated person.”
  • a person traveling with more than six dogs or cats that will be entering some kind of event like an agility event and will be traveling within five days of their “designated person.”

EU Certification Endorsement

After a pet receives an EU Health Certificate, it must be taken to a USDA APHIS Veterinary Services Endorsement Office. After the certificate endorsement, your pet is ready to travel.

A Dog that is Traveling by Bus

Happy Travels!

Therefore, if you are planning on transporting your pet somewhere near the North Pole, you should be ready to have all the required documents and certifications. We know that can be complex and annoying, so we offer our services, so you only need to worry about packing a warm winter jacket. 

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