Pet Requirements For Transport

Pet Requirements For Transport

Heath Certificate for Pet Transport

Commercial Pet Health Certificate

Pet health certification is a requirement for transport. When transporting pets you must supply a health certificate from a veterinarian either USDA or State Licensed. The only exception to this pet requirement for transport is when pets are not leaving the state (). So sense its not leaving the state a pet heath certificate is not required by USDA pet regulation. Do check local state pet regulation and requirements. Any ground pet transport or air pet transport (Pet Transportation near me)done by a third party will require a health certificate.

Pet health certificate is completed in 10 days. The health certification must have been completed within 10 days of the pet transport (Pet Transportation near me). If the pet is scheduled to leave on December 22nd, then the latest date the pet health certificate could be completed is December 12th. Even if the form states that it is valid for 30 days according to the USDA it is a pet requirement for transport that is only valid for 10 days. That includes the USDA APHIS 7001 form.

Non-Commercial Pet Health Certificate

The definition of non-commercial pet transport is the transport of pets without compensations. When preforming a non-commercial pet transport (Pet Transportation near me) the transporter is normally a family member, friends or pet owner. If flying on a airline please check the pet requirements for transport. Although most pet regulations require a minimum of a Pet health certification when flying pets.

A pet health certificate is not one of the pet requirements for transport in this case according to the USDA. Animal Transportation Worldwide highly recommends still preforming a check up before travel. Pet Transportation near me.

The Forms

The pet health certificate recommended to use is the USDA APHIS 7001 or state health certificate when traveling by air or ground. It will just depend on how far you are moving your pet. As well as what type of transport option you are choosing. We are here to assist with ground or air pet transport (Pet Transportation near me) pet health certificate because we know the pet regulation can be a lot. Traveling is a lot anyways especially when adding moving your pet into the mix.

Need to travel by air check our air transport section.

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