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Heat Restrictions for Pet Transport

During summer months, it is important to understand the airlines pet embargos that are put in place for the safety of your pet. Airlines will restrain from allowing pets on board during high temperature months, this includes both pets on board as checked baggage and as cargo. These restrictions are in place to make sure your pets are safe during transport. High temperatures can lead to breathing difficulties, dehydration, and also stress, making air transport uncomfortable and dangerous during hot temperatures. 

Airline Temperature Policies

You should check temperatures when booking flights for your pets. Our transportation specialist can help book your pets flights to make sure that your pets route is in the clear for temperature embargos for their trip. If temperatures at connection cities are too hot, it is possible to try and find an alternate route. Each airline holds their own restrictions, it is important to understand these regulations when booking your pets flights. 

American Airlines places a temperature embargo for pet transport when the temperature is above 85 degrees on the ground in the cities that your pet will be traveling. This includes origin, connecting, and also destination cities. 

United Airlines keeps watch to ensure that temperatures are not unsafe for travel. Between May 1 and September 30, United Airlines place a restriction, not allowing pets traveling to and from the following airports; Las Vegas (LAS), Palm Springs (PSP), Phoenix (PHX), and Tucson (TUS). 

Delta Airlines does not allow pet transport for temperatures above 80 degrees during your pets route. Alternate route or dates will be offered if high temperatures occur.

Other Options for Pet Transport

Ground Pet Transport is another option, if there are delays in transport for your pet or you are unable to find a route to fly your pet on due to high temperatures,. A Pet Transport Specialist can help in booking your pet on the next transport for door to door delivery. Making sure your pet is safe in the hot temperatures. Animal Transportation Worldwides’ vans are designed with air conditioning and comfort for all animals during transport. 

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