How Celebrity Pets Travel

How Celebrity Pets and Owners Travel

As pet owners, we know the countless money we spend on pets. But imagine if your wallet was limitless. Would you buy your pet their own mansion or fly them to a puppy spa? In this list, we highlight all the celebrities that travel with their adorable dogs.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriquez with their Labrador
Image by Instagram via Alex Rodriquez

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

During the pandemic, J.Lo and A-rod have been flying by private jet. Their Labrador has accompanied them during these trips, but he is slightly scared of flying. Alex carried the adorable puppy up the stairs to the jet to try to persuade him to join the family. Although with a $40 million jet, it sure makes it easier.

If your pet has a flying phobia, it’s important to comfort them before introducing them to the crate they will travel in before their commercial flight. However, the most important part of pet travel is choosing a transportation service that will make sure your pet is fed and taken care of on the same schedule as their home schedule. Even if you don’t have a private jet to fly your dog in, you can still make their flight as comfortable as possible.

Paris Hilton and Her Dog
Image by Paris Hilton via Snapchat

Paris and Her Bougiousie Pets

You either love her or hate her, but she knows how to spoil all her puppies. Paris Hilton, no matter where she goes, is always sporting a puppy. On one occasion Paris carried a cute Chihuahua named Diamond Baby, wearing an all-pink assemble, up to her private jet. All her 35 dogs live in a $325 thousand mansion. Yes, it’s probably worth more than your house.

Paris wanted to grow up to become a veterinarian but since she had so much money, she decided she could just fill her house with countless dogs. Paris frequently donates to the Make-A-Wish foundation, and we have also helped this organization as well! That is one thing we have in common, but with names like Marilyn Monroe and Prada, you can tell these pups are living the upper-class life.

Ian Somerhalder and Dogs
Image by Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed via Instagram

Ian Somerhalder and His Best Friends

Heartthrob Ian Somerhalder is not only a great actor, but he’s a great dog dad. In 2015, he won an award from the ASPCA titled, “Dog’s Best Friend.” Ian is an activist for the animals and the environment and runs his own non-profit organization named, “The Ian Somerhalder Foundation.”  In an interview for Pet Central, Ian talks about how he loves to travel with his dogs. Although, he was disheartened when he could not take a Staffordshire-beagle mix with him to Canada because of certain regulations banning the breed.

It’s important when traveling with pets to consider what different laws are in place in each country. Some dog breeds are banned, or some pets may need to have a medical examination and microchip before going abroad.

Debbie Ryan and Jim
Image by Debbie Ryan via Facebook

Debbie Ryan and Josh Dun’s adorable Dog

This power couple has a power puppy with the golden retriever, Jim. Jim was named by Debbie, and he has a special job because he is a Service Animal. Jim helps Josh when he is feeling anxious, and he can be seen traveling on a jet with Debbie.

Although most Service Animals can travel on the main flight cabin, The U.S. Department of Transportation highlights how foreign airlines may only allow dogs. If you want to take your kitten along with you, you may need to arrange for air travel through a specialized service like ours. If you pick the correct service, your dog or cat will have a better time traveling in the cargo section of the plane.

Megan Thee Stallion
Image by Sara Jaye Weiss via Shutterstock

Megan Thee Stallion and Her Four Super Pups

It’s a hot girl fall, and it’s a good thing Megan has four puppies to cuddle with during the cooler weather. She has four puppies named 4oe, Dos, 5ive, and X. Megan travels to music video shoots with her puppies because they are featured stars. The Frenchie, 4oe has his own Instagram where he offers his celebrity endorsements on the newest Coach and takes photos with Megan for magazines. They are living their best lives traveling and living it up like celebrities!

BTS with pets
Image by Kim Nam-joon via Instagram

Members of BTS and Their Sweet Pets

All the members of this Korea supergroup have their own pets. One of the members of the group, Jin, wrote a song dedicated to his dog, Jangju — that sadly died. Another member, V’s dog, Yeonton, is a Pomeranian that has lived most of his life with all the seven members of BTS. While the members live in a compound in The Hills in South Korea that is over $6.5 million, they are constantly traveling all the time. Between the U.S. and South Korea, it can be complicated to take a pet back and forth.

If you plan on traveling with a dog to South Korea, make sure you follow the guidelines set by the USDA. A dog needs a rabies vaccine administered before they get on the plane. Along with this, a dog needs an ISO-compliant microchip. We can help you buy the correct microchip and membership for your pet before moving to your Korean dream home.

Living The Luxury Pet Life

So, you may not be able to afford that penthouse or private jet in your real life, but you can still give your dog the best transportation service. At Animal Transportation Worldwide, we treat our pets like royalty because we’re crazy about animals too. If you plan on transporting your pet by ground transportation, check out our PetFirst Class service. We’ll be here daydreaming about buying our pets their own private mansion.

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