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Pet Transport Crate: Choosing A Pet Transport Crate For Your Animal

A recent survey showed that over 84.6 million American households have pets, but, most of these pet owners are unsafely handling their pets when traveling. However, do they all restrain their pets well while driving? As a pet owner, you need to protect your animal, property, and other people when traveling. Even a seemingly docile animal can be harsh because of the traveling stress. That is why you need to consider buying a crate for your pet. However, with the many brands and types of crates can make it difficult to choose. Here are some things you need to consider choosing a pet transport crate.

Materials of the Pet Transport Crate

The first thing you need to consider is the type of material used to make the Pet transport crate. Remember that your pet will be spending hours at a time in the crate. Therefore, the material used should be safe for it. It should also be easy to secure without worrying that it will open up and risk the life of your pet. There are three materials to choose from; wood, plastic, and metal. Plastic is the most commonly used, and in most cases, the plastic ones have a chrome plated steel bar too. This ensures that there is enough ventilation, the top and bottom are sealed to prevent any leaks. This also offers privacy and is approved by airlines from traveling. The material should also be durable and strong for you pet transport crate.

You do not want to spend a lot of money buying crate that will not last for years. It should have heavy-duty construction, great visibility, and excellent ventilation. With these features, it is an excellent crate that you can travel with on your car or on airlines. If you need to let your animal loose sometimes and do not have enough storage space for the crate, choose wire ones. These are collapsible and easily portable and also easy to clean and have maximized on open spaces.

Pet Transport Crate Size

The size of the crate will always matter. The last thing you want is for your pet to be cranky because the space is small. There are many different crate size so be careful when choosing you pet transport crate. The height and size of the dog will determined the correct crate size . The ideal size will help you to stand up without hitting its head at the roof. Your pet travel crate should be big enough for your pet to lay down and stretch.

To select the right size, measure the length of your dog from the tip of its nose to its tail. You can add about 2-4 inches of the overall length. This will depend on the age of the dog: younger ones may get a slightly bigger one that will accommodate their growth. You can get the height by measuring the dog when it is standing, from the tip of erect ears to the ground. The width is 4 inches for bigger dogs and 2 for smaller breeds.

If your dog is especially big or small, you can choose a pet transport crate to be custom made to ensure it fits your pet perfectly. You can also go for one with a divider that can help you carry two pets and adjust once they get bigger. Keep it somewhat restrictive to ensure that the dog keeps it clean. If it’s too big, they may relieve themselves at one corner.

The Weight Of The Pet

You also need to think of the weight of the dog. The last thing you want is to put your dog at risk because the crate is too fragile to hold its weight. Larger dogs have their crates made of sturdier materials. You also need to check the weight range of the crate on the label. If the crate is not strong enough, the crate may not even secure easily for the dog. Talk to a specialist if your dog weighs a little bit more for its size or breed. That way, the crate will not only last longer, but it will also be more useful to you.

The Length Of The Pet

Is it just for traveling purposes? If so, how often do you transport your pet? If you travel most of the time, you need to seriously consider the material and durability of the pet transport crate in the long term. This will ensure that purchase a good quality crate that will withstand years of transport wear and tear. However, if you do not travel a lot and will not be using the crate most of the time, you can escape with choosing the cheaper ones. They will still work well and keep your pet safe.

Do Not Over Use Your Pet Transport Crate

While crates are great for traveling and potty training, they should not be overused. The pet transport crate should only give your pet a haven where they can go when they need to feel secure and be on their own for a while. Never use it as a punishment the dog. If it associates the pet transport crate with bad feelings, there is a chance that it will whine and cry when it has to go in there. In some cases, it might even run away. Therefore, only use it when necessary and let your dog out every few hours. You may also want to introduce the crate to your pet slowly before you transport. Let it stay in there a few hours a day so it can get used to it before you travel. Also, be consistent, so the puppy associates the crate with less stress.

When Choosing the Perfect Pet Travel Crate, Consider the Personality of Your Pet

Ensure the pet travel crate you have chosen is comfortable and warm. This way, it will not feel anxious each time it has to go into the crate and travel. If you need more information on pet transportation, visit our service page.

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