Pet Microchip Identification For Pet Transport

pet transportation There are many questions going through your mind when thinking about pet microchip identification for your furry friend. But Pet Ground Transport/air transport or just being at home that microchip can really put the whole family at ease. I know it can be kinda scary and maybe overwhelming. No need to fear its all for the Safety of your pet. We all know our pets can be curious little rascals so wandering off is not impossible. You will have peace of mind if your pet wonders off. You must microchip your pet if you want them to travel to another country with you.

Microchip Benefits

I think a microchip is a must have for a pet. It’s not mandatory for Pet Ground Transport but it is needed for pet air transport. There are so many great benefits to having your pet micro chipped. It gives you piece of mind that if your pup gets lost there is a better chance of them returning home. As well as if you find a great microchip it will be a multi functioning chip. It would be nice to store pet health records as well as information to bring your pet home if ever lost. That will be nice for pets at home or pets in transport. To know it doesn’t hurt my dog is a plus for me.

pet transport and micro chipping

ISO Compatible For Pet Air Transport

If you think you will have your pet transported out of the United States you will be required to have a microchip. It can not just be any microchip. They will require an ISO compatible microchip. It is a microchip that contains a fifteen digit identification number. So the scanners at the airports can read the microchip. So if you don’t want to run into any problems at the airport while your transporting your pet (Pet Ground Transport) you will want to get Pet Microchip for Identification.

Non ISO Compatible For Pet Air Transport

They require you to have that iso compatible microchip but some of us have already micro chipped our pet and it might not be the iso compatible micro chip. If that seems to be the situation your in there is a fix for that. You can carry a reader that reads your specific microchip. Also you will have to contact the arriving airport to see if they have a reader as well. So after transport it can be verified and your pet can get to its final destination (Pet Ground Transport).

I know not every one will carry a micro chip reader because you normally would not need it unless you set up a pet air transport/Pet Ground Transport and your micro chip is not iso compatible. Some might just go out and buy one though but some might not have that as an option. So what you can do is have a second micro chip implanted. One that is iso compatible of course. Then you will need the implant date for each pet chip as well as both pet chip numbers an state them both on the health certificate.

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