International pet travel to China

International Pet Travel To China No Quarantine

With any international pet transport there are rules and requirements that need to be met. If those requirements are not met then pets can be sent back to the United States or even euthanized. No pet owner would want anything like that to happen to their furry family members during their long distance pet travel. So we are here to assist you with your international pet travel. The less you have to worry about the easier your transport can be. Our flight specialist will be able to assist you with getting your pet on the correct flight as well as with all the correct paperwork. We want to make sure just as much as you do that your long distance pet travel is successful and the pet arrives to its destination safe, happy, and healthy.

Rabies Vaccination For Your International Pet Travel

So there are a few requirements that need to be met to have a successful international pet travel. Your pet must have been vaccinated at least two times in their lifetime. That will help your pets long distance travel to China. You must also be up to date with your pets rabies vaccination.

So you will need the original copy of the current rabies vaccine and the APHIS-endorsed health certificate for the international pet travel. Once your furry friend arrives in China the quarantine officials will keep the documents. You should travel with many copies of the proof of vaccination document. It will be requested in different areas during your international pet transport.

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Rabies Titer Test Required

They will require a rabies titer test to go along with the vaccination. The laboratory report must state the pet has an antibody titer of at least 0.5 IU/mL. That is for anyone within the United States except for Hawaii and Guam. That report can go right along with the vaccination documents as well as the APHIS-endorsed health certificate for pet travel. Only the approved laboratories will be able to do the testing.

So the pet can be tested the day of or any time after getting vaccinated. Rabies titer test sampling date, laboratory name and test results must be recorded on the International pet transport health certificate. The vaccine is valid for up to a year.

Approved Testing Laboratories For The Rabies Titer Test

  • DoD Food Analysis & Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Kansas State University Rabies Laboratory
  • Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine,
  • Department of Pathology Virology Laboratory

Micro-chip Requirements For Pets Relocating To China

With every international pet transport to China must have an ISO compatible pet identification chip. The pet micro-chip must be 15 digits long. But there is an option if your pet identification chip is not ISO compatible. If you carry a micro-chip reader that can read the information on your micro-chip then the ISO compatible micro-chip is not required. It just needs to have a micro-chip. If it doesn’t have a proper identification chip for the long distance pet travel it can cause some delays.

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There Can Only Be One Pet Per Person

You can only transport one pet. So for each person they can bring one pet. Also the pets veterinary health certificate must have the owners name on it as well. That name must match the name on the passport of the person traveling with the pet.

Health Certificate Requirement For International Pet Travel To China

Your pets health certificate for the long distance pet travel will have a few requirements to transport to China. A USDA accredited veterinarian will have to be the one to issue your pets health certificate also it has to be within 14 days of the pet arriving in China. The health certificate will need to contain your pets micro-chip number and location of Implantation. It will need the information for all the pets vaccinations including rabies information as well as your pets personal information. To top it off we only want to transport healthy pets so it must state your pet is healthy to travel and completely disease free.

Dogs Arriving In China After An International Pet Transport

So dogs arriving in China will have an extra requirements over cats. Your dog has to be register with the police upon arrival. You would have to contact your local police department in China to get more information about registering your pup after your long distance pet travel.

This international pet travel can be very stressful. So ATW wants to assist you with your pets travel. You will need a lot of information and your pets flight will need booked. We can make sure that there are no snags for your furry friends during their long distance pet transport.

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