Cold and Warm Weather for Dogs

Keep Your Dog Safe in the Spring and Summer

While we are always worried about your dog’s safety during our pet transportation service, sometimes, accidents can happen in your home or at a family weekend getaway. During spring activities leading to summer, there are many dangers concerning your pet. Find out how to keep your dog protected while staying hot in the sun. 

1. Camp Fires, Smores, and Marshmallows

Fire and Dogs 

The National Fire Prevention Association states that 3 feet apart is an adequate distance for your pet when near a grill or fire. If your dog likes to get too close to the flames, practice training your pup to stay away by making them sit three feet away. If they get too close, move them back and reward them with a treat or toy. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so you won’t cause your pet any unnecessary pain. 

Smores and Your Pup

Along with fires, it’s important to remember that dogs should not eat chocolate. Chocolate has theobromine, and it causes toxic effects in dogs like seizures and other medical complications. Depending on your pup’s size, theobromine in small amounts may not affect them, but it’s still not a fantastic idea to feed them anything with this molecule. So, feed your human friends all the chocolate they want but never give it to your fur friends. 

Pet Transport- A Dog Swimming

2. Deep Water

If your pup likes to swim, it’s still important to make sure they stay safe in the water. If you are spending time in a lake, it’s important to: 

  • Purchase a Life Vest for Your Pup
  • Make Sure They Don’t Get Overtired from Swimming 
  • Teach your Dog How to Swim
    • Most people have misconceptions that all dogs can swim, but it’s not true at all. Some dogs need to take baby steps to learn how to deal with the water. That is why it may help to first practice swimming with your dog when they wear a life jacket. 

If you have all the basics covered, you are ready to spend the fun day with your dog in the lake! 

3. Summer Heat

Do you know your dog is not always enthusiastic about the sun? Depending on the breed, some dogs prefer cooler weather. If a dog spends too much time in the sun, it can develop skin conditions or even worse, cancer. Dogs that have lighter colors are more prone to developing skin conditions. If your dog has sensitive skin, purchase dog-safe sunscreen for your awesome pup. Remember to watch for these signs to make sure your dog is not overheated: 

  • Vomiting 
  • Seizures 
  • Gums that Change Color to Dark Red 

Be aware of the signs to verify that your pup is not suffering. 

Stay Safe this Summer 

Make sure to keep your pup secure this summer. If you are looking for a reliable pet transport company, ATW has got you covered. Look at our pet transportation blogs to see what we offer.

Along with this, in 2021, we are offering pet air charter flights. So, let’s welcome spring and summer with open arms! 

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