Transport Your Pet To The UK

What is an EU Pet Passport?

The first step to transport your pet to the UK is obtaining a EU pet travel passport or a EU health certificate. An EU Pet Passport issued by an official veterinarian. That veterinarian is in an European Union (EU) Member State (country within the EU) or other designated country that contains official health information related to a specific pet. You can not get an EU pet passport in the United States. The pet passport is to simplify pet transport between EU Member States. Pets returning to the EU from other countries can use the EU pet passport. If you are in the United States you might want to just get the health certificate for the pet transport. You can get an EU health certificate for your pets Long Distance Pet Transport to the UK.

Does My Pet Need To Be Micro-Chipped?

Long distance pet transport So one thing you must get to prepare for your pets long distance transport is a microchip. You must get an ISO compliant (11784 and 11785) microchip implanted. ISO compliant microchips are 15 digits long. Rabies vaccination must occur the same day as or AFTER microchip implantation so it can be valid for long distance pet transport. So if you don’t want to run into any delays in your pet transport Get your microchip then your rabies vaccination.

What Are The Requirements For Rabies Vaccines When You Transport Your Pet To The UK.

The primary vaccine is the first rabies vaccination after microchip implanted. As well as being valid for only 1 year. An animal requires documentation to travel more than 12 months after a primary rabies vaccine. That documentation must be with the pet during the long distance pet transport.

Pets With Out Vaccine Documentation

Pets traveling without documentation stating it had the booster vaccine. As well as it needs to be given within 12 months of the primary vaccine. Also they may be subjected to re vaccination for rabies and a 21 day quarantine period at your expense. Alternatively, there can be a re vaccination in the U.S. prior to your pet travel. There is that 21 day waiting period still. Booster (non-primary) rabies vaccinations are valid for 1, 2 or 3 years based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. The previous vaccination must be current and administered to meet the UK’s requirements (Long Distance Pet Transport). After the primary vaccination, you do need to have a 21 day waiting period after the primary rabies vaccine.

Health Certificates

You must complete an EU health certificate and have it endorsed by your local USDA APHIS office to transport your pet. Also You must treat your pet for tape worm as well. The UK consist of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, Ireland, Malta, Finland and Norway. An Accredited Veterinarian must be treat your pet as well. They must be treated between one to five days before the long distance pet transport to the UK.

Has Your Long Distance Pet Transport Overwhelmed You?

Although it may seem extensive to get all of the paperwork completed for your pet transport. I know it is easily achievable with the help of our Document Agent Service. We want to ensure that getting your EU pet requirements completed is quick and easy! As well as any questions about your pet transport you might have we will get you an answer.

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