Cat or Dog Proof

Make Your Home Dog or Cat Proof

You may think you are ready for an adorable puppy or kitten, but it’s not as easy as it seems. You need to make sure your house is puppy or kitten proof before welcoming a new member to your family. Here at Animal Transportation Worldwide, we share tips on securing your household, so you come out better prepaid for a future pet.

Get Rid of All Loose Cords

It may sound psychotic to get rid of all your television cords, but it’s highly advisable to put them somewhere a puppy or kitten cannot reach. Puppies especially like to chew on everything in sight. A kitten or puppy can harm themselves by chewing on electric wiring.

Hide cords behind furniture or buy some apple spray to use on anything you do not want your puppy to touch. It is also helpful to offer an alternative toy, so they refuse to play with dangerous objects in your household. . Both cats and dogs can be convinced with a new toy, so it is your time to go crazy with various fun toys.

Keep a Dog or Cat Secure

Sure, in the future, most dogs and cats are fine being alone in a house, but it is not the case with your new youngin. Puppies and kittens are curious and get bored easily. Along with this, most kittens and pups are not potty trained yet, so you might have some unfortunate accidental spills.

Before leaving the house, make sure your puppy stays in his crate or a confined space of your choosing. You can put up a gate and close off a specially made area for them. For kittens, it is more important to provide them a nice cozy area with a bed and fluffy towel. For both dogs and cats, it’s imperative to not leave any dangerous objects near them. Get rid of glass, cords, or anything you deem unsafe.

Make Sure You Have Space

If you know what breed of dog or cat you are getting, you should be prepared for their attitude. Some puppies are highly energetic, so you may need a fence for your yard. Most breeders will tell you if they think you will need a fence because of your puppy breed. While you can use an electric fence, there are pros and cons to doing this. In a scientific study by the University of Lincoln in the United Kingdom, scientists separated two test groups of cats. One group of cats was allowed to roam freely and the other was confounded by an electric containment system. From both groups, scientists concluded that an electric fence did not cause any trauma to the cats.

On other hand, much more controversy has been attached to dogs and electric fences. Several studies and real-life attacks show that dogs can grow more aggressive thanks to the use of electric containment systems if they are not given the right cues to understand how the system works. If you will be using a shock system, instead of just leaving your dog alone with it, train your dog to understand where they are able to go and how far the fence confines them. However, to avoid all these issues, you can buy a normal fence. It may be more expensive at first, but it will be a safe bet for you and your dog.

Get the Right Dog or Cat Food

No, puppies cannot eat the same food as their adult counterparts, so you need to be ready to buy a different type of food even if you already have dogs or cats. Puppies require a higher level of protein in their diet and since adults do not have the same requirement, their food formula is not the same. Most dogs can switch to adult food until they are a year old. The same goes for kittens. They also need more protein, so you should feed them kitten food. You can consult with a veterinarian before getting your dog or cat to see what they recommend. However, if puppy and kitten food is available there is no need to force your pet to eat something that does not feed their nutrient requirements.

Find the Best Veterinarian

It’s best to research with friends and families if they already have pets. Not every veterinarian is the best for every pet and owner, so it’s best to find one you are comfortable with. The American Hospital Association has a list they publish of accredited veterinary hospitals and clinics.  Look around and don’t be afraid to shop around. Just like any business, you are the one that makes the final call because it is your money.

Find the Best Transportation Method

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If your pup or kitten is being shipped from another state, you must make sure you provide the best transportation to your new family member. At Animal Transportation Worldwide, we provide food and water, and 24/7 contact with the driver for your new family member. GPS tracking is also available if you need to check up on your new pal. We will make sure your transportation is smooth, so you only need to worry about the details outside of transportation services.

Be the Best Cat Or Dog Pal

So, don’t fret when getting a new pet. Everyone starts somewhere. The important part is to be prepared and keep a positive attitude. Soon enough, you will be a dog or cat expert, and you’ll understand what your pet needs.

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