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How to Measure Your Pet For Transport

One thing that the ATW Team know, is how important it is to have your pet correctly measured to fit the pet air transport crate when making flight preparations. So we are going to go over how to properly measure your pet for transport. Wrong measurements can cause your pet to not pass inspection and miss their flight. We never want to see a Long Distance Pet Transport delayed all because the wrong measurements were taken. We don’t want you to have the wrong crate size for your fur-ever friend.

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General Rule

The general rule of thumb when measuring your pet for their Long Distance Pet Transport is that your pet must have enough room to sit stand and lay down comfortably in the crate. They can’t have the top of their head or standing ears touching the top of the kennel. Most airlines have different rules and regulation for pet transport. As well as their crate requirements for pet air transport can be a little different. So please check with the airline you plan to travel with for the specific requirements. Just so you don’t end up with bad measurements. Also to measure your pet for transport can be fairly simple with the help of another person. So calling the a friend over to give you 10 minutes could also help.

Tips For Measuring Your Dog For Pet Transport

pet booker Having a measuring tape and leash are a must when measuring your dog’s height for Long Distance Pet Transport. And some tasty treats will definitely help. So with a leash on your dog, have your helper stand in front of the dog holding said tasty treats. The goal is to keep the dog in a standing position, attention on the treat. Measuring for height is done from the top of the head to the bottom of the front feet. Length measurement is done from the side of the pet. First beginning at the tip of the nose to the base of the tail. Unless your measuring a cat, we will go over suggestions for your feline friends in a little bit! As this takes a little more finessing.

Tips For Measuring Your Cat For Pet Transport

cat waiting for transport Cats are a little different to measure. Cats have a way of knowing when you really want or need them to do something and they avoid doing it. They are the type of animals to play games. That being said, If you can get them to stand for their air Long Distance Pet Transport measurement, awesome. If not, try making it seem like something that they want to do. Like petting them while they are stretched out on the floor, sneak that tape measure in there and go from the top of the head to the base of the feet. Then you will also need measure your pet from the tip of their nose to the tip of their tail.

Getting Correct Pet Measurements

measure your pet for air transport crate To find the length of the crate take the measurement from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail and add it to half of the measurement from the elbow joint to the floor while in the standing position. That will give you the length of the transport crate you will need to transport your pet. Now for the width of your crate you take the measurement from one side of the pet to the other in the thickest area of your pet usually the shoulder area then double it and you get the width of the transport crate that you will need. Lastly you need the height and that is one of the easier measurements to get. It is simply the measurement from the floor to the top of the head or tip of the ears which ever is highest.

Now that the hard part is over you can take the numbers from when you measured your pet to buy your Long Distance Pet Transport crate. Always check with the airline to make sure these dimensions will work for your pet. International Crate Regulations can also be helpful which are the standard for any live animal cargo transport. Delta, United, and American airlines all have slightly different requirements for pet air transport so to double check with your airlines as well can only help the situation.

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