Moving Cross Country with Pets

Are you moving cross-country with your pet? Does Pet Ground Transportation Cross Country make you nervous? Read more to find out how to make the best of your move.

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Long Distance Pet Transport Demystified

When you are faced with the prospect of making a move of Pet Ground Transportation Cross Country, many things come to your mind. One of the most common thoughts for pet-owners is, “how will I make sure my furry friend is safe and secure during the move?”

Rest assured that you are not alone and with the help of this articling you will see that it boils down to a few key considerations: general health, time and distance, and transportation method.

General Health

The overall health of your pet will be a key factor in deciding what long distance pet transport cross country option to use.

For example, when it comes to dog transportation services, there are certain restrictions such as age, prior health conditions, and medicinal needs. If your pet needs to go potty every 30 minutes, has heart conditions related to stress (or otherwise), or needs medicine administered on a frequent basis, perhaps it is best to control all of those things on your own by transporting them in your vehicle under your watch.

If you have any doubts on the health of your pet, or are even considering moving cross-country with your pet, we recommend that you consult with a veterinarian prior to making decisions.

Time and Distance

The time of the year, and the pet moving long distance might surprisingly play a large role in what pet transport service you choose.

During the dead of winter or the heat of summer it is advisable to choose a pet transport long distance ground service. Many airlines have restrictions on the times of year they will transport your animals for their safety and security. The cargo-holds for pets are in less than ideal climate settings and can be dangerous if not done at the appropriate time. For a more detailed explanation, take a look at the International Pet and Animal Transportation Associations FAQ’s.

When you consider pet moving long distance, consider how much longer it would feel for your pet. Flying is a good option for those animals that will be transported long distances to their new homes.

If you intend to move to a closer location, consider contracting, or at least consulting with professional cat or dog transport services to help take care of the logistical hurdles you may not be aware.

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Moving Cross Country With Pets Service

Moving cross country with pets service you will choose to make your move will be a huge consideration.

So when looking at ground transport please take into account all of the above mentioned factors. You should also look into price and how much you can spend.

Pet ground transportation cross country could cost you less. It could also reassure you your pet is getting adequate exercise, food, and potty breaks. This comes at the expense of time spent travelling.

If looking at travelling by air or Pet Ground Transportation Cross Country? you can expect to pay a fair bit more, encounter more logistical hurdles, and sacrifice some comfort for your pet. Pet transport by air is usually done in the cargo-hold of an airplane, and can be uncomfortable and unfamiliar to your pet. So if you think it will be rough to be in a crate with no stops for so long maybe ground long distance pet transport service is better for your pet.

Also for a more detailed look at pet transport methods check out this blog.

Making the Call

So after reading the article above we hope you have enough information to help you decide on your long distance pet transport.

To summarize what you will need to consider are your pet’s overall health and well being, how long and how far you and/or your pet will be travelling, as well as do you want to choose pet ground transportation cross country or pet air transport cross country.

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