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New Tech and Trends for Our Pet Transport Company

We understand that despite pet transport always finding new ways to keep your pet secure, it is still a worrying scenario for a pet parent to hand off their pet to someone else. It is something that Animal Transportation Worldwide understands. Since we have our pets, we know how frustrating it can be to rely on a third-party to transport one of your awesome pets. However, Animal Transportation Worldwide is always innovating and growing, so we want to share some ways we are making sure your pet remains safe while traveling. 

Walking a dog during Transport

Walks for your Pet! 

While walking is not anything new for dogs, it’s a necessity for a healthy dog. It is why we can add walks to any service you buy from us. Most pets can become bored if they are not walked regularly. In 2016, a study discovered that half of the owners did not walk dogs every day.  At ATW, we are always trying to keep pets content, so it is why we offer this service. 

Along with this, a walk may help a pet become more relaxed in a strange situation. Even for humans, going on a road trip can be alarming for our bodies because most humans are always in constant motion. Not drinking enough fluids can cause a human to feel bloated during travel, and it follows the same concept as an animal being uncomfortable. 

Thankfully, at ATW, we provide food and water for pets at all times, so it is not anything they need to worry about. 

So, despite walking not being one of our most technological advancements, it is still important for your pet! 

Air Transport in the Main Cabin

We don’t let your pets fly unless they are in the main cabin for domestic flights. With our new air service, you don’t need to worry about any of the other stipulations other airlines may have regarding pets. 

Since we also were concerned that fewer and fewer pets could travel in comfort like human passengers, ATW decided to get on it and provide the best air transport service! 

Your pets will be taken care of by an on-air flight attendant, and most pets will be able to take part in same-day delivery. So, we hope you enjoy our new way to transport pets. 

New Vans

ATW New Vans

Along with new air transport, we are upping our game when it comes to our awesome vehicles. Our new vans feature multiple cameras so that the transportation specialist driving with your pet can see them at all times. 

The transportation specialist can even watch your pets at night when they are sleeping, so it is a bonus. 

Along with this, our kennels are unique because of our tenderfoot lining. This lining allows dogs to remain comfortable and dry because any excrement or water will drop to a hidden compartment. 

As the years’ progress, we look to make more improvements with our vans, and it is why we are the leading company related to pet transportation. 

Spanish Blogs

Since 41 million people in the U.S. understand the Spanish language, and it is the second most popular language in the US, it makes sense to incorporate our blogs and information in Spanish. As we progress, we hope to offer more of our services and customer support in Spanish so safe pet transport is available to all people. 

It’s never a good idea to rely on a company that does not have accreditation from IPATA, so it is why we always insist on giving the best information to people on the internet. 

Travel with the Best Transport! 

We hope you enjoyed learning about some of the new ways we are making sure your pet gets the best treatment during their transportation. We like to hear back from our customers, and if there is anything you would like to suggest to make our services even better, reach out to us through Facebook

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