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Our New Fantastic Airline for Pets!

Have you ever wished same-day delivery was available for a pet? No one likes waiting days for a new puppy when you are excited to receive your friend now! For this reason, Animal Transportation Worldwide has launched flights for pets to be delivered faster than by ground transportation! Now that all major airlines have forced emotional support animals to travel in the cargo section of the airplane, we have decided to let all animals travel in the main cabin.

With our new service, your pet can be transported as fast as a person traveling on an airplane. No more waiting anxiously for your pet to arrive safely. So, get ready to travel the airways with Animal Transportation Worldwide on our own airline!

To book these services:

Book Online at www.atw.net

Over the Phone (330) 800-3989

By Email info@atw.net

4 Fantastic Airline Services for You and Your Awesome Pet!

Since everyone has different needs, we offer 4 distinct services.  

Door to Door

This is our all-inclusive service. Animal Transportation Worldwide will be responsible for picking up a pet from your chosen location, driving them to a departure airport, flying your pet from the airport, and finally, transporting your pet to the final destination. You can sit back and relax and let us do all the work surrounding the logistics of transportation. 

Door to Airport

In this service, we will drive your pet to the departure airport and fly your pet to the arrival airport. You will be responsible for picking up your pet after it arrives at the arrival airport. 

This is a great service if you just need a pet transported close to you, but you can pick the pet up from the airport. It’s just like picking up your family from the airport when they come to visit from another city! Only this time, you need to pick up the cutest member of your family! 

Airport to Door

If you choose this option, you will oversee the transportation of your pet to the airport. Once your pet is at the departure airport, ATW will fly your pet to the arrival airport, and transport them directly to your chosen destination. So, if you can drive your pet to the airport but want the rest to be taken care of, this is the option for you! 

Airport to Airport

Our airport to airport service gives the most control to you. You will be responsible for transporting your pet to the departure airport and picking them up from the arrival airport. If you can deliver and pick up, this is the service for you! 

Pet Attendant

To make sure your pet is comfortable at all times, a pet attendant will be available at all times during the flight. It is just one more way we are making sure your pet gets the first-class experience!


We know you are wondering if air transport is more expensive than ground transportation, and we are happy to say absolutely not! Our four services all offer affordable options for pets of various sizes. However, if you are looking for same-day delivery, you must pick our airport to airport or our airport to door option.  Pricing starts at $395!

Pets under 19.9 inches and under

  • $395 Airport to Airport 
  • $495 Airport to Door
  • $495 Door to Airport
  • $595 Door to Door

Pets 20 to 24.9 Inches 

  • $445 Airport to Airport
  • $545 Airport to Door
  • $545 Door to Airport
  • $645 Door to Door

Pets 25 to 26.5 Inches

  • $495 Airport to Airport
  • $595 Airport to Door
  • $595 Door to Airport
  • $695 Door to Door

We are proud to always offer the most affordable pricing in pet transportation. So, your pet will get the best transportation for the best price. 

Our Flight Map

Depending on your location, you may qualify for same-day delivery if you pick the airport to airport or airport to door delivery! So, come fly on our airline!

Same-Day Delivery Regions Include: 

  • Southwest Region
  • Central Region
  • Northeast Region
  • Northwest Region

NOTE: Airports are subject to change. Yellow line is currently scheduled as a TBD, Based on number of shipments.

Next-Day Delivery Regions Include:

  • West Region
  • Central Region
  • Eastern Region

If you fall into a same-day region and choose one of the qualifying services, your pet will be at your house at the speed of light. The only stipulation is that you must bring your pet to the departure airport on the departure day. 

If You Want Extra Services

Pet Protection

If you are worried about physical injury to your pet during transportation, you can buy pet protection

GPS Tracking

 We will have GPS Tracking for flights on our airline soon, but for now, GPS tracking is provided for ground transportation. Both ATW and you will get the first-hand scope of where your pet is during transportation. 

Video Via Youtube by USDA

Kennel Size Upgrade

For an additional charge, you can give your pet more room! Despite this, our standard kennels still adhere to the required kennel sizes set by the USDA and IATA

New For February 2020

To add comfort to your pet during their air travel we will supply custom build crates. The crates will include:

  • Tenderfoot lining (bacteria-resist lining that allows for self-cleaning)
  • Enhanced Air Ventilation 
  • Adherence to USDA and IATA guidelines

We will start flying out from multiple regional airports

  • Pet Air Transportation is the New First Class!

So, get ready to meet us in the sky, and if you would like additional information about restrictions and requirements, call us at Animal Transportation Worldwide! We are always ready to assist you with all your transportation needs! Enjoy traveling on our new pet airline!

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