Pet Transport Specialists

Our Pet Transport Specialists

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I know as a pet owner that thinking about someone else transporting my pet is worrisome. You never know how someone else will treat and care for your pet. I know when I think about my animals no one knows them better than me. As well as no one will love them as much as I do. Also you  might be worried that they won’t take care of them like you want. We as individual pet owners understand your concerns. We know we would feel the same way. So we go above and beyond when hiring our pet transport specialist.

We don’t contract out drivers. Most of us here are family and once you are apart of the company you become family anyways. Blood or not it doesn’t matter to us. We work together so we all stay safe and so do all the pets we provide transport for.

Hiring Our Pet Transport Specialists

We spend a lot of time energy and resources to obtain the best pet transport specialist. Like I said before, most of us are already family. So we all know quite a bit about each other. We also check backgrounds as well as driving records. Even knowing someone we like to do our due diligence. We do this for everyone so we can guarantee that our care and treatment during pet transport is the best. Just as we are here to put your minds at ease as a customer we also like to be reassured ourselves that all the pets are in great capable hands. 

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Training For Ground Pet Transport Specialists

There is nothing better than a well and thoroughly trained pet transport specialists. We want to be sure that all pet care requirements are met on every pet transport. We have a few long time pet transport specialists that we trust to do most of the training. They won’t always be available because they are transporting pets on their own route. So our boss who is also the owner of the company will jump on in and do some training. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty and work hard. He does that to be able to guarantee the care that even our newest pet specialist provides will be top notch. They usually start with driving the larger cargo vans. We want to make sure that they have no questions and concerns about driving such a large vehicle.

Then they get them on small short trips. Maybe an airport run or even a vet run. Then they seem to move to higher priority trips like out PetExpress and our PetFirst class trips. They do that so they are not overwhelmed with a larger trip like our PetConomy route. Once they are comfortable we give them a PetConomy route with a second driver. We want someone to be there to ask questions and take turns driving. It kind of eases the newer transport specialist into the job. We know a well trained comfortable pet transport specialist will provide the best care for all the pets in transit. Keeping all pets and pet transport specialist safe is our number one priority. 

Connecting Our Pet Transport Specialists With Each Other

So our pet transport specialist are not only driving during the normal work day. They drive and deliver pets anywhere from 4:00 a.m. to midnight. So there are many times that we can not help our pet drivers. So we keep them connected to each other. Just so if they run into a tiny issue they are not alone trying to solve it. Maybe it is something that another pet driver has encountered and can help them through it. Don’t worry though because our boss is always available to all of us. We just try to use all our resources available when doing our jobs.

As well as keeping in contact with other pet transport specialist for help it also gives them someone to chat with while on the road. All of our pet transport specialists are hands free when making a call. So no worries there. We don’t support distracted driving. Safety is our priority always.

Pet CPR Certified

We also require all of our pet transport specialists to go through pet CPR certification. As well as we don’t allow anything in the pets crate that they can choke on. We do want to be prepared for anything that can happen. You can’t prevent everything from happening but as one of the best pet transport companies we will do our best to prepare. So we make sure all of our pet drivers as well as the people in the office to have their pet CPR certification.

There are other precautions we take when training our pet transport specialist. We run through scenarios of things we have already experienced as a pet transport company. We also through some things that have never happened because in life anything can happen. As well as our drivers are always learning. With a business like this we all have to be open to change. With change comes learning something new. Just like the world we want to keep evolving to meet our customers and their pets needs during transport.

Preparing For Pet Transport

We never want to send one of our pet drivers out unprepared for their trip. So all of our vans are stocked full of supplies to keep everything squeaky clean. If for any reason we run out of something on the road there is always money available to purchase more supplies. So we never skimp on cleanliness because that all falls back on the safety of the pets. No driver wants to live in a dirty van and no pet owner wants their pet to be in a dirty pet transport crate. So we make sure our pet transport specialists have everything they need. As well as options to get anything they might need on the road for pets to be comfortable and everything to be cleaned. 

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