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Transport Pets by Ground. Getting Your Pet Home Safely.

Did you know that in the United States 66% of people consider their pets their best friend? So for those people thinking lets transport pets it can be overwhelming. It’s no wonder that if someone decides to move out of state or even adopt a puppy out of state, transporting pets is a big choice to make. So those people need a great pet transport company to help them. They will help you will all you pet ground transport needs.

Lets Transport These Pets Home! How to Transport Pets by Ground Safely

When you’re moving out of state it can be easy to get so caught up with the move that you forget to give your pet as much attention as you normally do. You want to make sure you give your fur baby as much attention as the rest of the family to make sure they also have a good moving experience. You want to make sure they have everything they need to experience the best pet transport.

Learning how to ship dogs by ground safely ahead of time will help make it easier on everyone because you’ll know what to expect and the right steps to take. You don’t want any surprises to pop up while your trying to get your pet the best transport service available to fit their needs.

Ground Pet Transport

With a simple Google search of ground shipping companies, you will have nothing but options at your fingertips. Ground shipping companies offer door to door service which means exactly what the name implies. They pick up your dog at the address you give them and drop them off at the new address.

oet ground transport safety

There are some companies that offer what’s called a group transport which is when your dog travels with other dogs each in their own kennel. With a ground shipping company that has been around for a while, you can have peace of mind that they have experience and your pet will be fine.

These companies want to make sure that your dog is safe and happy the entire ride and will customize a package to fit your dog’s walking, and feeding needs. There are some questions you will want to ask when choosing the company for your pet.

Are There Multiple Pets Being Transported At Once?

This is a big question because you want to make sure your pet still receives attention and some love during the move. Also the pets can be stressed because the transport can be scary for them. As well as traveling with too many other animals can create even more stress. This is a big deal if your dog isn’t too fond or friendly of other dogs or animals.

What Kind Of Stops Do They Make?

You will want to make sure you’re aware of the stops that the company is planning on making. With pet ground transport the drivers will stop for food and gas. As well as having to stop to let the pet out and stretch. They might stop along the way to pick up more animals. If that is going to happen you will want to know it. Just to make sure your animals is safe and wont be hurt or get sick from any other animal. Any stops made along the way will add to the travel time as well. Adding travel time can make the trip more difficult for your fur baby if they’re already stressed out. Some animals get more anxiety then others.

Will The Temperature Be Safe For My Pets Transport?

Every shipping company has to provide a climate controlled shipping compartment by law. So you should know how the temperature is maintained in the vehicle. As well as the type of ventilation in the vehicle. Also you don’t want your pet transport to be to hot or to cold as it travels. Also we understand wanting to be reassured that the ventilation be available as well. You want your pet to be comfortable as well as safe during the pets ground transport.

Will The Pet Transport Follow My Pets Custom Feeding Schedule

Since most companies have multiple animals they are delivering they usually feed all the animals at the same time. Ask for the specific details on what time your dog will be fed and where they are while they eat. If you have specific feeding times because of dietary reasons this is something you want to make sure the Pet Ground Transport company is clear on. We know you will want the pets experience to be as close to normal as it can be.

What Kind Of Crate Will My Pet Be In?

If you won’t be providing the crate you want to look at the crate they will be using. So inspect it to make sure it’s large enough for your dog to fit in there comfortably. So that your dog can breathe fine make sure the travel vehicle is well ventilated.

You should also give your dog a chance to get use to the pet crate Just so on moving day it’s not a shock to your fur baby. That can just add more stress to you best friend This will ensure their own comfort and happiness.

How Often Does My Pet Get Walked

You want to get specifics on how they stop for walk breaks and how often. Some companies offer more walks as add on packages to accommodate more frequent walkers. You should let your Pet Ground Transport specialist know how often your pet is use to being walked. Besides knowing how often breaks are, find out how long the walks are. You want to know how much time your pet gets out side of the Pet Ground Transport vehicle. Especially if your pet is not use to traveling it can just ease your mind. You just want to know you pet is happy and safe.

Where Will My Pets Sleep In Transport

Waiting for Pet ground transport safety

This question applies to longer trips that require the company to stop for the night because of the distance. So you’ll want to make sure your pet is not left in the vehicle alone. Or even if they will be staying in a dog-friendly hotel room. You want to know if they sleep in the vehicle or in or out of the crate. We understand you want to make sure someone will also be in the vehicle in case there’s an emergency.

Safe Pet Transport For Your Fur Baby

You always want to know your pet is in good hands. A professional Pet Ground Transport company that will ship dogs by ground is an easy and safe way to move your pet from state to state. As well as you will know these pet lovers will love your animals as if they are their own.

Are you looking for a reputable dog shipping company? Contact us today to see our packages available to make moving your dog stress-free.

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