Pet International Transport To Japan

With every pet international transport to any country there will be different requirements that must be met. Your furry friend will want to be prepared for travel to a different country. the more prepared you are the more successful your International pet transport will be. You will want your international travel for your pet to be as comfortable as possible. We know that pet travel can be quite stressful so we do what we can to keep things comfortable for them.

Limited Quarantine During Your International Pet Transport

So there are many rules and regulations that need to be met for your pet to travel to Japan. If your furry friend can meet those requirements there should be a limited quarantine. We know you don’t want to be away from your pet any longer then you have to be. So to make sure your pets international transport as quick and as easy as possible.

You will want to give advanced notice of your International pet transport. You must notify the animal quarantine service AQS of the importation of your furry friend. We can help you and make sure all the correct paper work is in order and submitted correctly.

International pet transport to Japan

Rabies Vaccinations For International Pet Transport

So for pets that are 13 weeks or older it is required to have two rabies vaccinations with an approved rabies vaccine. the first vaccination should be administered by the label recommendations. Now you must get the second vaccine 31 days after the first vaccination. It must also be withing the effective period of the first vaccination.

Pet Micro-chip

Dogs and cats the are internationally traveling from the United States to Japan will also need to have proper identification. They require for your pet to have an ISO compatible micro-chip. So once the pet arrives in Japan they are able to scan the micro-chip. If it is not ISO compatible then you can have a micro-chip reader travel with the pet. With something as simple as the right chip and or reader can make you international pet transport very easy.

You will also be required for your pet to be micro-chip before the vaccinations. So there can be documentation for your vaccinations. It will also prove your furry friend was given and on time. That will also help you get through your international pet transport. There is an exception for the micro-chip implantation if its after the first vaccination.

Its required to be on or before the day of the second vaccination and it has to have a rabies titer test on the day of the second vaccination. It has to be results of at least 0.5 IU/mL on the serum sample. That sample does stay valid for up to two years. Only an approved facility can preform the rabies titer test for your international pet transport.

Waiting Period 180 Days

So there is a waiting period after you get your pets rabies titer test. It is a 180 day waiting period that you just can’t get around. If you do not wait that time then after the international pet transport it will have yo go to the ASQ facility. It will have to finish the remaining days of the waiting period there in quarantine. It is 180 days because that is the incubation period for rabies so they can be sure their country is not allowing a sick pet into their country.

Heath Certificate For Your Pets International Transport

The traveler needs an Exporter’s Declaration and an Export Health Certificate to transport their pet to Japan. As well as their pet must be inspected by a veterinarian to make sure they are healthy and disease free for transport. Our wonderful flight specialist will be able to assist you with the paper work. We will verify everything is in order for your international pet transport. The easier the pet transport is for us then the easier it will before your pet as well. The comfort and safety of the pet is our number one priority.

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