pet transport with Eu pet passport

Pet Passport For Pet Transport To The EU

What Is An EU Pet Passport?

An EU Pet Passport is a document for you to get many best pet transportation services withing the European Union. It has also been used to bring your pet back from another country. This document is issued by an official veterinarian in an European Union Member State. There are other designated countries that has official health information related to a specific pet. As well as you can not get this passport in the United States.

Who Can Enter Information In An EU Pet Passport?

pet passports for pet transport to uk There are many different sections of the passport. However the pet passport has instruction on who can add information to the different sections. There is sections that say the authorized veterinarian can add information into that section. That is referring to the EU veterinarian. There are other sections that state a veterinarian can fill in information into those sections (best pet transportation services). That is referring to any licensed vet including U.S. veterinarians. Also you must pay extra attention. There are some areas that if a veterinarian enters information and its only an area for an authorized veterinarian could cause that pet passport to be invalid for the EU best pet transportation services. That alone could cause your pet to be denied entry into the EU.

What IS Needed To Return To The EU

pet passports for pet transport to uk So if the rabies vaccination is current in the pet passport then the passport is all you will need to return your pet to the EU. However if the rabies vaccination recorded in the EU Pet Passport has expired you will require a re-vaccination while in the U.S. So you will need to obtain an EU Health Certificate. That will have to be issued by a USDA Accredited Veterinarian. It will be as if you don’t have the pet passport. It will have to be before your pet leaves the U.S. or it can create issues when trying to transport your pet back to the EU.

Does My Pet Require A Clinical Examination In The U.S.

Animals returning to the EU with a valid passport do NOT need a clinical examination. Although some EU Member States you might transport your pet (best pet transportation services) to could require tapeworm (echinococcus) treatment. One to five days prior to the best pet transportation services treatment is required. Even if you must have your pet treated this can be recorded in the EU Pet Passport by a U.S. veterinarian. So it keeps your pets documents current.

NOTE: Always check with the airlines to determine what additional requirements they may have for your pet to travel.

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