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Pet Transport: From the US to Down Under (Australia)

When traveling with your pet internationally, there are health requirements specific to each country. Not following regulations can slow you down, and we don’t want that! Almost every country has different laws for entering with pets whether by ground or air.


In order to travel with your pet to Australia, there are specific requirements that must be followed. Every animal that enters the country must have a microchip for identification purposes. Each pet’s microchip will be scanned in order to confirm that its microchip ID matched the one on the health certificate when they arrive. Pets traveling to Australia must also have a USDA APHIS health certificate, this should be signed by a USDA Accredited Veterinarian. Once your vet has signed this form, you will then need the health certificate and laboratory reports endorsed (counter-signed and embossed/sealed) by your local USDA APHIS Veterinary Services Endorsement Office. 

It is very important that your pet have a valid import permit, and all steps must be followed accordingly;

  • Your pet must be up to date on their rabies vaccinations
  • A 3-4 week waiting period must take place between a rabies vaccination and the Blood RNAT test
  • At least 42 days before export apply for the import permit
  • Book your post entry quarantine stay
  • Make sure your pet is up to date on other vaccinations including parasite treatments (internal and external) 
  • Make sure your pet is tested for the following; Ehrlichia canis, Brucella canis, Leishmania infantum, & Leptospira interrogans
  • Pre export clinical examination and health certificate must be completed. (health certificate must be signed and endorsed)

Air Pet Transport to Australia

Airlines have their own specifications for transport. Be sure to check with your airline in order to make sure you are accommodating for their specific regulations and policies. These regulations may differ depending on which airline is being used for transport.

How ATW can Help

Animal Transportation Worldwide is a leader in Pet Transportation. We are here to help you safely and efficiently transport your pet both domestically and internationally. We offer both ground an air transport all around the world for your pets! When it comes to booking your pets international transport, regulations and guidelines must be met. From booking flightsdoor to door transport, and even helping with paperwork, our team can help make your pets transport process move smoothly.

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