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Pet Transport: US to Chile

When traveling with your pet internationally, there are health requirements specific to each country. Regulations can cause confusion and ultimately delay transportation if they are not met to the country’s specifications. Almost every country has different laws for entering with pets whether by ground or air.



In order to travel with your pet to Chile, there are specific requirements that must be met for each pet. Pets traveling to Chile must be accompanied by a health certificate that is signed by a licensed USDA veterinarian, and then endorsed by the USDA APHIS office with their signature and seal. Chili does allow for these signatures to be electronically signed by each office. 

Please prepare that your pet may have to undergo a 30 day observation period once arriving in Chile. Your pet should also be up to date on their vaccinations. This includes their Rabies Vaccination. If your pet is too young to receive their rabies vaccination, you can contact  Chilean Animal Health Officials in order to find out whether or not they can still travel. These requirements are those that are required by the country itself. Airlines may have other requirements for pet travel. 

  • Health Certificate from a USDA Veterinarian (electronic signature accepted) 
  • Health Certificate Signed and Endorsed by USDA-APHIS (digital endorsement accepted) 
  • Rabies Vaccination  (this is dependent on age of pet)

Air Pet Transport to Chile

Airlines have their own specifications for pet transport. A health certificate may be required for transport even though it is not a regulation that Chile has for import. These regulations may also differ depending on which airline is being used for transport.

How ATW can Help

Animal Transportation Worldwide is a leader in Pet Transportation. We are here to help you safely and efficiently transport your pet both domestically and internationally. We offer both ground an air transport all around the world for your pets! When it comes to booking your pets international transport, regulations and guidelines must be met. From booking flightsdoor to door transport, and even helping with paperwork, our team can help make your pets transport process move smoothly.

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