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There are so many things people think about when shipping their pet. Not every pet is okay with pet travel. So i know some might worry I know i would. When you have the correct information it makes it easier to not worry so much. This whole process can be quite complex when booking a pet transport for the first time. That is why our customer service team in the office is available to answer any questions you might find your self thinking about. We are available through this entire process for you. We do have offices hours but even outside of office hours our owner is always available to take emergency calls. So you will never feel alone.

Is A PetConomy Trip The Right Trip For Your Pet?

Not every pet is made for a PetConomy trip. There are other animals in transit with your pet. Some dogs can’t handle being in transit with other pets. Maybe your pet is a bird and very sensitive. Birds do better with a private or even semi private Pet travel or pet transport service.

There are many pets that do great on a PetConomy route. It is one of the most cost effective ground pet transport services as well. This route consist of mostly dogs and cats over 8 weeks of age. It really depends on the pets themselves. Some pets can travel fine in a pet transport crate and others need their own crates. Animals with personal pet transport crate needs usually do better on a different kind of Pet travel or pet transport route. So when shipping your pet keep their crate needs in mind.

Pet Care During A PetConomy Route

Most people will worry about the care that is provided for their animals. Not only because a stranger is transporting them but also because there are other animals on the pet transport. Each of our pet transport specialists have enough love for each of your fur babies. They make time for each animal in their vehicle. They know that each animal will have different needs and we want them to be as comfortable as possible. We know them being comfortable can make all the difference when shipping pets. Even when our scheduler in the office sets up the routes and creates estimated time she does take into consideration the time needed to drive as well as the time needed to care for all the pets.

Pet Transport Crates And Vehicle Set Up During Animal Transport

There are always questions about the vehicles and how things are set up. They worry that the pets might be having contact with other pets. They even might think that they all just free roam in our vans. Let me reassure you that is not the case. Each of our vehicles have custom made pet transport crates. They are secured to the sides on the vehicles so they won’t slide around during transport. That could be very dangerous and could hurt the pets and safety is a main concern for each and every pet that is traveling. It could also cause sever anxiety during transport that could also potentially be harmful. So we make sure each crate is safely secured in the vehicles.

How Long Will My Pet Be In Transit

With our PetConomy routes we have an expectation for our transport specialists to meet. They are expected to make it from the east coast to the west coast in seven days. Then the following week they will head back from the west coast all the way to the east coast. Now if there is a larger route it might take an extra day or two. But even if it does take a little longer we want the pets and the drivers safe. We know our customers want that as well. We strive to never have a pet in transport with the PetConomy route for more then seven days.

Booking A PetConomy Trip Information And Requirements

So when you decide to book you PetConomy trip you might not know what steps to take or what information you might need. That is where we come in to help.

First you will want a price so we can provide you with an estimate. We Will need information about your pet as well as drop off and pick up locations. You should know the measurements for your pet so when our transport specialists arrive they are prepared for your size of pet. We focus on height, weight, Length, and age of your pet. So to get a correct estimate for shipping your pet make sure you have this information handy for our customer service agents in the office.

Pick Up And Delivery Times For Your Animal Transport

So we don’t provide exact pick up and drop off times for our PetConomy route. It does depend on the driver as well as the route itself. Our drivers do reach out to their pick ups and drop offs before they arrive. So they do communicate directly with their customers. They reach out the day of the pick up or drop off. Then they reach out four hours before and an hour before.

We don’t just leave you wondering though. We have a fantastic scheduler. With out her things would be a mess. She is the back bone of our ground pet transport department. She keeps everyone in line and everything in order. When she sets up the schedules our customers do get estimated dates and times for pick up or delivery. Alerts are in military time as well. The times are just estimates and can change if the driver gets behind or even a head of schedule. That can happen if there is a delay in traffic or even the weather could slow our pet travel routes down. If our routes have any cancellation or changes to their routes they can get a head of things sometimes.

Features Available To Add To Your PetConomy Route

There are a few things we offer with other services that are not included with the Petconomy route. You can add these features for a small fee. We offer things like pet protection. It is just if something happens to your pet. We also have a GPS option available. Most first time pet travels will be more comfortable with a GPS tracking option. Just to see their pets transport location can put an owner at ease. If your pet is over six months of age you can even add on an extra dog walks. You might consider that if your pet is use to more then one lengthy walk a day. Just to make things as easy on your pet as possible while shipping your pet.

Don’t Forget Your Pet Travel Health Certificate

Now the paperwork required for your PetConomy trip. This is a little easier with our ground pet transport services then it is with air pet transport services. You can get any vet to issue you your pets health certificate. It just must state that your pet is healthy enough to travel. We just want to be sure your pet is healthy for transport as well as not giving any other animal on board anything. I do believe this will be the easiest thing to do out of the whole pet transport.

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