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PetExpress Transport Service

Pet Ground Transportation

This service transports pets to their home(s) on a direct route.  When upgrading from PetConomy to PetExpress, we include the following services: GPS tracking, Pet Protection and 1 Dog Walk per day. This ground transport will allow your pet to arrive 50% faster than our competition. If you would like your pet to arrive on a non-stop trip, please try PetFirst Class.
• Pet Protection Upgrade to $5000 in pet protection ($1000 included)
• Dog Walks upgrade to 2 or 3 walks per day (1 walk per day included)
• Kennel Size Upgrade

Pet Transport Schedule

Our PetExpress allows for pet to be delivered door -to-door in a direct route. These trips are available with no restrictions on dates. Chose a date and we will arrive within a 1 day window. This trip may have other pets along the route. With one driver we are able to take care of all your pets needs. Our vans are divided up into custom kennels for each pet. The kennels are on tender foot and made of vinyl. Tender foot is a system that allow fluids and solids to fall below the pet to let them to say clean and dry. and made of vinyl (vinyl unlike plastic is very resistance to diseases). Finally, the kennels also come equipped with two bowls giving them access to water and food during the whole trip.

The following can be provided during transport:


  • Health Certification – A written health certification from a local or USDA vet with in 10 days of travel. Doing this will meet all requirements of travel.
  • Pet Food – We required the supply of pet food. We will only take up to 5 lbs of pet food.
  • Photo ID – At arrival and departure we require a ID to confirm the ID of the customers.


Our pricing is based on Miles/Kilometers. Induced in PetExpress Transport is door-to-door delivery, photo & video updates, food (2) & water (3) daily, human interaction 3 times daily, GPS tracking, Pet Protection, 1 Dog Walk per day and 24/7 contact. Find pricing below.

  • Per Mile or KM – $1.30
  • Additional Pet(s)
    • Under 49lbs – $35
    • 50 lbs and over – $50
  • Military (10%) and Shelters discounts available.

Add-on: The following are not included and can be added onto your pets trip:

PetProtection – No insurance company will cover your pet in a auto accident, so cover your pet during transportation add PetProtection for physical injury only.

Dog Walks – To allow you dogs to stretch there legs we offer dog walks. GPS Tracking – Follow your pet along its journey with GPS Tracking via Google Maps.

Kennel Size Upgrade – Want your pet to have more room upgrade to a larger kennel.

  • PetProtection
    • Included covers $1000 per pet
    • $80 covers $5000 per pet
  • Dog Walks (prices are per day based on a direct route)
    • 1 walk per day – Included
    • 2 walks per day – $75
    • 3 walks per day – $125
  • GPS Tracking
    • Included for the whole trip for all pets
  • Kennel Size Upgrade
    • $100 (if available)

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