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PetExpress was created to transport pets to their home(s) on a direct route. 

GPS tracking, Pet Protection and Dog Walks are all included. This ground transportation will allow your pet to arrive 50% faster then our competition ground transportation service. If you would like your Pet to arrive on a non-stop trip, please try PetFirst Class

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To deliver pets to familys safe everyday, provide 5 star customer service and become the stander in pet transportaion. 

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Why PetExpress?

Service on a direct route

ATW loves to deliver pets to their homes and families across the world. PetExpress provides a direct route from pick-up to drop-off. During transportation, your pet will receive it’s own crate. In their crate, we provide 2 bowls that we offer food and water daily. The floor of the crate is made to allow liquids and small solids to fall below into a waste container, keeping your pet dry and clean. 

Direct Driver Contact

You will be in contact with our Animal Transportation Specialist during your pets travel. Included is GPS Tracking to follow your pet on its journey. Ask for photo updates and more during your trip. 

Knowledge is power

With over 25 years of team experience, we know how to treat your pet during transportation. Our month long training program for our Animal Transportation Specialist guarentees that we only send out the highest qualified Animal Transportation Specialist in North America for your pets trip.

additional Services

During PetExpress GPS Tracking, Pet Protection and DogWalks are included. You may purchase upgrades of a additional walks and higher coverage of Pet Protection.

Duration of Travel

During PetExpress our goal is to allow clients to receive our high quality services. You may pick a date of travel and we will be able to pickup with a 3 day window. Delivery will be direct and may include other pets during travel. 

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