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An Introduction

With PetExpress, our goal is to allow your pet to arrive 50% faster then our competition ground transportation service, with more premium services. If you would like your Pet to arrive on a non-stop trip, please try PetFirst Class

What you’ll Need

  • Health Certification (State or USDA)
  • Food (5lbs Max)


  • Soft Bed

To start

Contact an Animal Coordination Specialist at (330) 800-3989 or They will be able to guide you through the process of booking and place your pet on the PetExpress TBS (to be scheduled) list after deposit.  


Once placed on the TBS (to be scheduled) list, ATW will send E-mail and text updates with the date of departure. When selecting your requested date of departure, please note it must be at least 2 weeks after the date of deposit to avoid a Express Fee.

REady For Travel

As ATW gets closer to the date of travel, remember to have the following prepared:

  • Health Certification with a date that is 10 days prior to date of departure. 
  • 5lbs of food (No more then 5lbs)
  • Soft Bed for travel (Not Required)
  • Government ID (Drivers Licence) 

Note: Pick-up can be from 4:00 AM to 11:49 PM everyday. If someone cannot be there for pick-up, you may select a new date.


One hour prior to arrival, the Animal Transportation Specialist will contact you so that you can begin getting everything ready for your pet. Once the Animal Transportation Specialist arrives, you will complete a Departure Information Page with the Specialist, and take a photo copy of your Government ID. You will then be responsible for loading the pet into the transportation vehicle.   

During Travel

The Animal Transportation Specialist is available for contact 24/7. You may request location and/or photo updates. You are able to receive GPS tracking, which can be used in Google maps to locate your pet. Each pet will be offered water and food two times daily. If you would like your pet to receive more offerings of food and water, please let the Specialist know before departure.   


Your Animal Transportation Specialist will notify you of their arrival time, which gives you enough time to prepare for your pet.

Note: Drop-off can be from 4:00am to 11:49pm everyday. If someone cannot be there for pick-up you will pay a waiting fee for every hour. The Animal Transportation Specialist waits up to 4 hours.  If no one responds within 4 hours, the pet will be taken back to the Departure location on a PetExpress charge.

after Arrival

Once the pet arrivals, you will be responsible for unloading them from the transportation vehicle. Animal Transportation Specialist will then have you complete the Arrival Information Form. Monetary tips to our Specialists are greatly appreciated, as they take time to check on and care for your pets during travel. Since we highly value your opinion when it comes to our services, and we reward our team based on your reviews, please Click Here to leave us one. If you have any further questions after the arrival of your pet, please contact the office at any time.




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