UK Rabies Vaccine

UK Rabies Vaccine For Pet Transport

Your pet transport to the UK can be refused entry or even be quarantined at your expense when arriving in the UK unless you meet these requirements for the rabies vaccination. To have a successful pet transport to the UK  your pet must have a rabies vaccination being less than 12 weeks old. If they don’t they will be denied entry into the UK. Or if they are 15 weeks or older they must be vaccinated within 21 days prior to transport to the UK.

Microchip Before Vaccine

As well as needing a rabies vaccination your pet transport to the UK will require a microchip for pet transport. They must receive their microchip before the rabies vaccine.If they get the rabies vaccine before the microchip the UK will consider it to be invalid. They can get it the same day or any day after the microchip is implanted. If you get your microchip after the rabies vaccination you will have to have your pet re-vaccinated.

pet transport to the UK rabies vaccine

Vaccine Before Microchip

  The first vaccination after the microchip is the primary vaccination . Also that rabies vaccination is only valid for up to one year for the UK. If your pet is traveling more than 12 months it must have a rabies vaccine booster. The rabies vaccine booster is the non primary vaccination.

Written Documentation

Also there must be written documentation that states the pet has gotten that booster within 12 months of the primary vaccine.If you would attempt to set up a pet transport to the UK without the documentation Stating that a rabies booster was provided within 12 months of the primary vaccination it can cause issues. It can cause your pet a re-vaccination of the rabies vaccine.

Waiting Period For Pet Transport To The UK

They will require a 21 day quarantine when your pet arrives in the UK. To avoid that your pet must be vaccinated and over 15 weeks of age. It will all be at the expense of the owner of the pet. You could save that money if you have them re-vaccinated in the U.S. Also your pet must wait the 21 day waiting period.

puppy waiting for pet transport to the uk rabies vaccination

How Long Is The Rabies Booster Vaccine Valid?

Your rabies vaccine can be valid for multiple lengths of time. Some are good for 1, 2, or even 3 years based on the recommendation from the manufacturers. The only way these can be valid for pet transport to the UK is if the vaccination before it was current with the primary rabies vaccination. As well as being current the primary vaccination needs to fit the requirements of the UK. Your rabies vaccine cannot expire before getting your Pet transport to the UK.

Microchip Identification Number For Pet Transport To The UK

Your microchip identification number must be applied to all rabies document before you get your pet transport to the UK. your pet may be held if the rabies vaccination certificates does not have the microchip identification number on it. Also that quarantine will be at the pet owner’s expense.

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