Pet Transportation: United States to Thailand

When traveling with your pet internationally, there are health requirements specific to each country. Regulations can cause confusion and ultimately delay your pets transportation when they do not meet the country’s specifications. Almost every country has different laws for entering with pets whether by ground or air.


It is important to follow all requirements that are in place by the country that you intend to have your pet travel to. Thailand has specific regulations that should be followed to allow for your pets transportation to run smoothly. Whether your pet is traveling with you, or alone, it is important that you carefully follow the guidelines!

Pets traveling with someone

  • MUST be at least 4 months old
  • An import permit
  • USDA Health Certificate that is signed by a licensed Veterinarian and endorsed by USDA APHIS office.
  • A Copy of the Pet Owners Passport

Pets traveling alone

  • An import permit
  • Notify Thailand’s Quarantine Station of the pet’s travel plans
  • USDA Health Certificate that is signed by a licensed Veterinarian and endorsed by USDA APHIS office

Import Permit

When requesting your pets import permit, you can do so by email to the following address: . You should request an import permit within 60 days, but should not be any less than 7 days before your pets travel date of departure. These items should be included in the email when you request your permit for your pets transportation:

  • Applicant details: Name and last name, age, gender, nationality, and profession
  • Travel itinerary: Date of arrival in Thailand, airport of origin, place of residence in country of origin, and place of residence in Thailand
  • Pet details: Species, age, sex, breed, color, birthmark, weight, microchip number, and date of birth

Additionally, the application should include the following in their emails when requesting an import permit:

  • Biographical page of the traveler’s passport
  • Color photo of your pet, making sure its face is shown clearly in the photo
  • Pet passport or vaccination book, also include the veternarians signatures on the documentation
  • Proof of microchip implantation
  • Blood testfor proof of rabies vaccination
  • USDA Health Certificate that is signed by a licensed Veterinarian and endorsed by USDA APHIS office

Air Transport to Thailand

Airlines have their own specifications for pet transport. An health certificate may be required for transport even though it is not a regulation that Iraq has for import. The airline regulations may also may be different depending on which airline you choose.

How ATW can Help

Animal Transportation Worldwide is a leader in Pet Transportation. We are here to help you safely and efficiently transport your pet both domestically and internationally. We offer both ground an air transport all around the world for your pets! When it comes to booking your pets international transport, regulations and guidelines must be met. From booking flightsdoor to door transport, and even helping with paperwork, our team can help make your pets transport process move smoothly.

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