Rabies Vaccination

Pets less than 12 weeks old that have not been vaccinated for rabies as well as pets 12-16 weeks old that were  vaccinated for rabies less than 21 days prior to arrival in the UK are NOT eligible for entry into the UK and may be refused entry or quarantined upon arrival at the owner’s expense.

  • Rabies vaccination must occur the same day as or AFTER microchip implantation. Any rabies vaccination given before microchip implantation is considered by the UK to be invalid.
  • The first rabies vaccination after microchip implantation is considered the “primary vaccine,” and is ONLY valid for one year.
    • If an animal travels more than 12 months after a primary rabies vaccine is given (the first rabies vaccine given after microchip implantation), written documentation that a rabies vaccine booster was given within 12 months of this “primary vaccine” must accompany the pet when it travels to the UK.
    • Pets traveling without documentation proving a rabies booster vaccine was given within 12 months of the primary vaccine may be subjected to re-vaccination for rabies and a 21 day quarantine upon arrival in the UK at the owner’s expense.
      • Alternatively, the animal can be re-vaccinated in the U.S. prior to departure and will be eligible for travel to the UK after a 21 day waiting period.
  • Booster (non-primary) rabies vaccinations are valid for 1, 2 or 3 years based on the manufacturer’s recommendations as long as the previous vaccination is current and has been administered according to the UK’s requirements.
  • Rabies vaccination must not expire before entering the UK.
  • Pets MUST travel to the UK with the microchip number included on every rabies vaccination certificate.  Rabies vaccination certificates without the microchip number included may result in the pet being held in quarantine upon arrival in the UK at the owner’s expense.