Pet Transport Service Safety


Australian shepherd learning about pet safety before his pet transport when you book your pets transport service you will have to complete paperwork. Paperwork can be frustrating but its only with the pets best interest in mind. This paper work is used to ensure that your Pet Transport Service is safe and your animal is healthy enough to travel. Our animals are our number one concerns. We want nothing more then our animals to be transported safely. The paper work can be completed by your vet in most cases. Now if its an international pet transport it will need to be endorsed by the USDA office. 

Health Certificate For Your Pet Transport Service

Please keep in mind that the health certificate issued by your vet is only valid for 10 days from the pick up date. You will need a health certificate for any type of  Pet Transport Service(ground and air). At your appointment your vet will take your pet’s temperature, check their weight, look at their eyes/ears, and make sure that animal is ready for transport. This appointment normally takes about ten minutes and is crucial for your pet’s safety. For international shipments most of the time you will require a  7001 form  that might need to be endorsed by your local Aphis Office.

Temperature During Transport

Some airlines will also require you to obtain an acclimation letter because when its really cold or really hot It helps to know what temperatures the pets can handle. That just helps us from getting your pet home. When booking your Pet Transport Service, be sure to ask about weather restrictions for your local area. The acclimated temperatures are below 40 degrees and above 75 degrees. If you need any help getting this letter you can contact ATW and we can send you an example of what this looks like.

Our Number One Priority

Also making sure your pet is healthy and free of injury at time of travel ensures a healthy and safe trip for you pet, and any other pets that are in transit. Safety requirements and vet checks are not the most fun, but they are a vital part of pet transport safety (Pet Transport Service). We always want to make things as easy as we can but We will never ease up on safety requirements. ATW want all our animal transports to be full of happy and healthy pets. We know you as pet own would want the same thing.

Also we always want every Pet Transport Service to be a success. The only way to do that is to make sure every one is healthy. As well as make sure temperature is perfect and all animals are comfortable. We know when we travel as people we just want to be safe and comfortable. So we do want to do the same thing for all our pets that are being transported. We will treat your pets as our own while they are in transit. I do know I would want the same kind of care if it was my pet being transported.

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