Pet Tapeworm Treatment For Pet Transport

Do My Pets Need Treated For Tapeworms?

Tapeworms can infect any dog. They usually get them through an infected flea. So they can be infected with the tapeworm parasite if they are itching and ingest an infected flea as well. Also its not because a dog has been around another pet with the tapeworm parasite. So you might think your dog is ready for pet transport. The transport can be delayed if the pet tapeworm treatment has not been administered.

Pet tapeworm treatment

Dogs Only Pet Tapeworm Treatment


The United Kingdom has specific requirements based they type of pet transported to the UK. As well as they have different requirements for pets transporting to their country. They also require Pet tapeworm treatment for dogs. That is for all dogs that are imported into the UK. The treatment for tapeworms are required within a certain time frame as well.

Who Will Administer The Pet Tapeworm Treatment?


After entering the EU, dogs subsequently traveling to the United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland, Malta, or Norway will need to be treated for tapeworms by an EU veterinarian. Also the EU veterinarian will add the tapeworm treatment information to the EU health certificate issued in the United States. It is your responsibility to ensure your pet meets the import requirements of each country you visit.

Pet tapeworm treatment for pet travel to the UK

When Does My Pets Treatment Occur?

Each country will have its own way of doing things. Like the pet tapeworm treatment is no different.The treatment must be within 1-5 days before entering those specific countries. It it required at least 24 hours before pet transport to the UK because it can take up to 24 hours to kill an adult tapeworm.

We are always here to help with your pet transport. It can be overwhelming to successfully meet all requirements for pet transport to the UK. As well as we are here to ease some of that stress that comes with traveling and transporting your pet.

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