Thanksgiving Activities with your Dog

The Greatest Thanksgiving Activities for You and Your Dog

Glorious Thanksgiving is almost here! As tiresome as this holiday is with countless hours of cooking, the best part is getting together with family and spending time away from work and school. Talking about family, your pets appreciate having you back home for an extra few hours. So, get ready to spend time with your family and your adorable doggo.

Get to Thanksgiving Racing

Many places around the country participate in a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. Most races include the option of walking or running a 3k or 5k. Depending on your breed, your dog may prefer to walk or run alongside you. First, consult with your veterinarian before letting your dog participate in any physical activity. However, if your veterinarian gives the okay and you have already trained your dog to run or walk 1 to 3 miles, then you are set to join in on the fun.

Play Fetch

If you are bummed from sitting all day on Thanksgiving, it is time to go outside and play your own game of football with your pet. Your dog just might be the greatest wide receiver in the unofficial Fur ball Team. Get your family and dog and get some good exercise in. Your dog will be feeling thankful for his owner.

Give Your Dog Some Space

We all know holidays can be chaotic but sometimes that energy transfers to your pet. Between meeting your partner’s family or going to your grandma’s house, it is a storm of activity. Some dogs may not be accustomed to this string of commotion. Sometimes, dogs act in anxiety because of a perceived threat that they encounter.

Dog that has anxiety.

If a dog is not exposed to enough socialization throughout their life, it is daunting to enter a new situation. Your dog may show avoidance, and if this is the case, their personal space should not be violated. Some dogs are not eager to greet every new stranger. Be aware of your dog’s behavior before taking them to any party. Of course, it is also important to ask the party thrower if your dog can be in the space. If your dog is excited to accompany you to your family reunion, then you are ready to go and celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Get Your Dog their Own Thanksgiving Treats

As much as we love to feed dogs human food, some foods are safe and others are dangerous. Most of us know about the deadly nature of chocolate, but you may not know that certain spices are not adequate for a dog’s diet. Spices containing onion or garlic are definite nos. Onions and garlic may cause a dog’s blood cells to burst because of a compound called N-propyl disulfide. So, it is safe to give dogs turkey and potatoes but make sure it is without any spices. Along with this, if your dog is not accustomed to eating human food, it may make them sick to eat too many foods out of their comfort zone.

Dog with a treat

To keep them safe, invest in your puppy’s own Thanksgiving dinner. Merrick sells a variety of canned and safe Thanksgiving dinners for your pet to enjoy. They include no artificial flavors and wild turkey. You can feed your dog while you are enjoying your own food. It is the safest way to keep their tummy happy.

Go for an After-Dinner Walk

It’s tempting to continue watching Hallmark and its barrage of Christmas movies, but you and your dog need to go on your daily walk even if it is a holiday. If the weather is still sunny and warm, there is no reason to play couch potato all day. Gather your family and friends and walk fifteen minutes around the neighborhood. Your favorite dog will lavish in the extra attention. If your family members have pets, it can be an annual tradition to walk together.

Cuddle While Watching the National Dog Show

Dog Show

If you have some time on Thanksgiving, tune in to the dog show right after the parade. Your breed will love the extra time with you as you see if your favorite dog will win this year. It is the perfect activity to rest from cooking or cleaning the kitchen. And you can finally be a lazy bug on your vacation day. It sounds like a win-win to us!

This Puppy Thanksgiving!

So, enjoy the holiday season with your furry friend and be thankful for everyone around you. And have yourself a great Thanksgiving! And if you need someone to transport your dog this Holiday season, count on us – the experts on safe and secure animal transportation.

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