Transport your feline friend by air to china

Transport Your Feline Friend To China

Making plans to travel can be a task in itself. Especially if your planning to transport your feline friend with you. Things to consider when you transport your feline friend are breed, size, destination, reason for travel and necessary documents.  You should also keep in mind when you transport your feline friend to Asia is Hong Kong policies may differ from China . So you should get all the information you can get your hands on. It will make pet transport by air – Pet Ground Transportation Cross Country as smooth and as effortlessly as possible.

Consider Your Pets Breed When You Transport Your Feline Friend

The breed of your cat can change the logistics of choosing which way your pet can travel. Some airlines have restrictions on the breeds of cats that can fly in cargo. Brachycephalic breeds such as Burmese, Himalayan, Persian and Exotic Short hair type of feline friends can not travel in cargo. transport cats to chinaThis means, when booking your cat’s flight this will determine if you have the option to transport your feline friend in cargo. Or your cats only option for transport would be an in-cabin flight. Having ATW make arrangements for flying through our Agent Booking Service gives you peace of mind that we have verified the routing of your pet transport – Pet Ground Transportation Cross Country.

Consider The Size Of Your Pet When You Choose A Pet Air Transport To China

Transport your feline friend by air to china Size is also a determining factor in the choice of your cat transport. While the majority of cats fall within the guidelines for in-cabin flights, some do not. Most airlines have a weight and size limit for pets that are flying. Usually the weight limits average around 15-22 lbs. They also require to be able to fit in a certain sized carrier comfortably during pet transport. Verifying this information with the airline your wishing to use is very important. You might want to keep it in mind so you don’t run into any delays when you transport your feline friend. ATW (Pet Ground Transportation Cross Country) is very knowledgeable when it comes to the requirements of different airlines and we also offer services such as our Flight Nanny, who can fly your pet in-cabin when you are unable to travel with them.

Not All Countries Allow Cargo Import Of Pets

Whenever you transport your feline friend it sometimes seems unattainable at first. But checking the rules and regulations of your destination is critical. Not all countries allow in-cabin flights for pets to be imported. As well as some do have strict reasoning for travel and quarantine policies. Like parts of China have strict quarantine policies currently in place at this time (Pet Ground Transportation Cross Country). So it might be unavoidable when you transport your pet to China. These policies should be checked to make sure you can meet the requirements. Also to avoid extended holding times and extensive and costly paperwork. We offer a Complete Air Package to make things as easy as possible for you and your feline friend.

Final Thoughts When You Transport Your Feline Friend By Air To China

The most important thing about traveling with your pet is the correct paperwork. Minor mistakes on your documents can cause your traveling plans to come to a halt. The forms needed to transport pets can be overwhelming to someone not familiar with them. Having a professional experienced with these types of forms and completing them for you can help the traveling process go smoothly. At ATW we offer help such as our Document Agent Service which assists in making sure all necessary paperwork for your pet air transport to the country of origin for international flight requirements are met.

Remember when traveling with your pets that although the process can be extensive, the professionals at ATW (Pet Ground Transportation Cross Country)offer a variety of services to help you make your pet transport easy for both the pet and owner. That is what we are here for.

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