Waiting For His Pet Transport To Arrive

Now this handsome man is named Chief. This traveling Labradoodle was the only pet that was on board with me at the time so he got all the attention. He kept me company (Pet Transport) as well. I really didn’t know what to expect from this traveling dog. You just don’t know how a dog might act when going on a lengthy traveling adventure. Especially because he is an older dog. Little did i know he loved being a traveling dog and i loved . He actually traveled from California before he made it to Tampa. His family said he did such  a great job. I can see why because he is such a fantastic Transporting dog.

Chief Walks Through The Sweet Heat Of Durham

This traveling dog was the best pet to transport (Pet Transport). Chief just could not get enough of this traveling adventure. This traveling Labradoodle went for long walks through Savannah Ga as well as Durham NC. He loved the sunshine as well as all the fresh cold water I could carry. That was the most outgoing adventurous dog I have ever traveled with.

Ladies At The Dealership

We had to pause our traveling adventure for a routine oil change for the van. So I figured this traveling dog and I could walk around and enjoy the sweet heat in North Carolina. We did end up getting rained on so we got back into the dealership to stay dry. So he was a sopping wet pet  (Pet Transport) from his toes to his nose but the ladies at the dealership still went nuts for him. They just tuckered him out from all the excitement. All they could talk about is how they need a pup just like him.

Chief Takes A Nap

So we did end up finding a nice quiet corner to nap in. It didn’t matter who walked by or who spoke to him he was sleeping hard and didnt move a muscle. He took one of the longest naps ever. I will say they did make us feel right at home. So i see why it was so easy for him to nap as long as his little heart desired.

We Missed The Beach

While being the only pet in transport we thought beach would be a great idea. Some oet transport (Pet Transport) traveling adventures can have some hick ups. We didn’t want to stop till we were closer to our destination But it started raining on us for a second time. So the closer we got to our destination the harder it rained. I couldn’t have asked for a better traveling Labradoodle even getting caught in the rain he stayed calm cool and collected. He just enjoyed the ride. I was so overjoyed that i got him with me on this great traveling adventure.

Chief the black traveling Labradoodle arriving home from his pet transport so happy standing next to his mama.

Even though this adventure wasn’t flawless due to the rain i still think it was one of the best trips I had ever taken. I will say i think Chief enjoyed this adventure as well. He was one amazing traveling dog. He had a great time so did I but he was so happy to be home with his family and i was happy to the the one that got him to his destination safely (Pet Transport).

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