When Your Dog Runs Away

When your Dog Wants to Runaway

We think we provide the best for our awesome pets, so sometimes, it is hard to understand why our pet wants to run away from us. A dog running straight into the road can cause an owner stress and worry that is insurmountable. Given the possibilities of what may happen if a dog gets lost, the stress is only compounded. Some dog breeds are predisposed to getting lost because of their genetics. As an owner, you should not worry about your pet attempting to escape. Sometimes, other factors influence a pet to escape.

1. Your Dog has a Strong Prey Drive

Sometimes, dogs act on instinct. A dog with a strong prey drive may chase after other animals and leave you with a leash in your hand. Your friend may not listen to you or follow any of the training you practiced with him. It is a stressful situation when we are unable to control our pets. But prey drive does not need to ruin the day. You can invest in quality training for your cherished companion. Dogs that like to chase are great in agility competitions, and it will create an unshakable bond to take part in a fun competitive sport.

2. Your Pet is Bored

Some dogs are hyperactive and require more than just a 10-minute stroll. Breeds like the Siberian Husky were created to run over many miles in dog sled races when they landed in Alaska in 1908. Since your dog may be overactive, you need to wear them out. Luckily for you, you may have found the best motivation to shed some pounds before the summer. To keep your dog active, you can:

  • Give them interactive toys with treats inside
  • Get involved in the sport of Canicross (canine cross country) or train them to run alongside a bicycle
  • Play fetch or frisbee outside
  • Hike on long trails

If you keep your dog active enough, they will not have the energy or desire to sprint into the unknown.

3. Noises are Scary and Overwhelming

If you have a dog, you know loud bangs can bring them into a tizzy. The fourth of July is not fun when fido is rushing to venture out into the dark. Thunder can also be another big factor in inducing a best friend to sprint.  As a pet owner, you need to be aware of your pet’s triggers. It is best to keep a loving canine inside when loud sound emanates from the outdoors.

If your dog’s anxiety is intense, your veterinarian may prescribe anxiety medication. Another option is to buy a Thundershirt for your pet. The ThunderShirt is worn when a pet is experiencing anxiety, and it applies constant reassuring pressure for your pet. However, the most important factor is to act normally around your pet and distract them by playing a game. Your pet will follow the lead if you act as if nothing is out of the ordinary.

4. Your Dog Wants Something

If you have a neighbor that loves giving fido treats, your dog may be drawn to escape your comfy home to go peruse the streets. Furry friends may also be bored and know of a neighborhood furry pal in the neighborhood. To make sure your dog stays inside in these situations, you should check your fence or make sure your tie out is secure. Of course, make sure you are not leaving your dog outside all day, or their boredom will only escalate the situation.

The Bottom Line

So, don’t be anxious if your dog keeps running to the hills and out of your home. It may be something out of your control that is triggering his escapes. If you understand the motivation behind his actions, you can find a solution to keep your precious dog safe at home.

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