Dogs and Car Rides

Why Do Dogs Love Car Rides?

For most pups, the car is an immense joy. Your dog may long to stick their head out of the car and feel the wind rushing through their fur. Cats usually are not as excited as your dog is about transportation. So, why is it that your dog is head over heels for a simple car ride? Well, we researched and found all the answers. 

A Dog in the Car

Your Dog and The Transportation Adventurer 

While extensive studies have not been done on dogs and driving, most experts agree that dogs are fond of going to new places. Since puppies have superior olfactory sense than us mere humans, they experience so much more through their noses. 

Since this is true, dogs are excited to venture into new territory and seek out fantastic adventures. 

So, your dog may enjoy spending time in the car because it is more about the destination than the journey! Of course, unless they are traveling to the veterinarian. 

Your Dog’s Need to be Close to You

It’s no surprise that dogs are dependent on their humans for their basic needs. Since dogs and humans have coexisted for more than 30,000 years, it’s no mystery why we are so attached. 

Therefore, since we are as close as two peas in a pod, dogs may enjoy car rides because they spend more time with us. Most of us have experienced when our dog is sad when we leave them for an extended period of time. Studies even show that depending on how much separation anxiety a dog has may alter a relationship with a new owner because of a previous owner. Dog’s are affected by us in so many ways, so it makes sense why your dog feels a strong need to be close to you. 

A car ride may signal more bonding time with you, and your pup just wants to tag along anywhere you go. So, give your dog a chance to enjoy your company by spending a fun time in the car with them.

An Adorable Pup's Nose

All The Sensations 

Dogs are apt to pick up on things humans cannot smell. As we have stated previously, dogs have some of the best olfactory senses. Some even speculate that a dog’s nose could be 10,000 times more powerful than a human’s sense of smell. With those kinds of numbers, you would be sniffing at everything too.

Along with this, dogs can detect a human or other dog’s emotions just by taking a whiff. If you have been researching dogs or following the news, you may have seen how dogs can sniff out Covid-19 or cancer. With these superpowers, dogs sense things we can’t. 

It is why a dog may take a liking to stick his head out the door. A furball may experience much more from an open window than we ever could. 

So, your dog may like car rides because of their super sniffers! 

Transporting Your Dog the Cool Way 

Since your dog is excited to go on long trips, if you are planning on taking your dog anywhere, consult the experts at Animal Transportation Worldwide. We will assure that your dog gets the best treatment while cruising through the city. We have recently added our own pet airline and new transportation vehicles, so you know you are getting the best innovation. Let’s keep our dogs safe on the road this year, and we hope you have the best time on all your road trips. 

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